Magnetic Beer Koozie

Magnetic Beer KoozieSpilling your beer while tailgating is a major party foul. Drinking warm beer is even worse. What if there was a product out there that keeps your drink cold AND keeps it out of harm’s way? What if it also had an LED flashlight on the bottom?

We recently came across magnetic beer koozies that does all three. The two strong magnets will hold onto a magnetic metal surface and keeps your drink safe. Place it on the side of your car, the leg of your pop-up tent or even your fridge at home. Sounds like a great way to keep your beer cold without taking up valuable tailgating table space. It’s like making a cup holder available anywhere there is a metal surface. Another bonus is you can “stick” your beer up high so that those pesky underage drinkers can’t get to it.

Another great feature is the high powered LED lights on the bottom. Turn on the light and you have a flashlight in your hand for checking on the grill, lighting up the cooler for another beverage or finding your way to the port-a-potty when it is dark and you are letting the parking lot empty out to avoid traffic. The fact that they come in four different colors means you just have to remember which color is yours and you will never lose your drink. Think of these magnetic beer koozies as wine charms but for your beer cans and bottles.

Priced at $14.95 plus shipping, these are a great invention to enhance your tailgating experience.