KoozieKlip Review

We’ve all done it at a tailgate party. Grabbed a plate of delicious food, gotten a cold one out of the cooler and wondered “where do I put my beer?” while trying to eat. Many of you place it on a table or a unfolded tailgate where it could get tipped over, forgotten or worse, drank by someone else. What if there was a way to keep your drink cold and on your person but away from your body heat? We recently discovered the KoozieKlip for a tailgating product review. We put it through its paces in a real tailgating environment to see if it would be “Tailgate Approved’.

KoozieKlip H2O Girl Beach

Upon its arrival, the first thing we noticed was that it comes in three different sizes. There is the standard 12 oz. aluminum koozie can holder, the glass bottle koozie with the zip-up jacket and a water bottle koozie with a drawstring feature to keep the bottle snug inside. There is nothing special about those aspects until you see that it comes with a belt clip. This belt clip is reminiscent of the cell phone belt clips where there is a plastic clip that attaches to your belt or the waistband of your shorts with a button on top. Then, sewn into the koozie is the part that slides into the belt clip channel and snaps it secure. So now all you need to do is choose your beverage, choose your KoozieKlip style, and then insert the koozie into the belt clip until you hear it click and it will stay there, safe and secure.

To take a drink, simply press your thumb down on the top button while placing your four fingers around the top of the can or bottle. Press down on the button to release the koozie and then lift your beverage straight up and out of the clip and take a drink. Pretty simple stuff.

KoozieKlip aluminum canKoozieKlip beer bottleKoozieKlip water bottle

In testing the KoozieKlip we did discover a few aspects of the product you should be aware of. First of all, as you drink your beverage, the weight will change from the time you open it until you have one last swallow left. Just be aware of how much is probably in the can or bottle as you take it out or you could spill on yourself. Applying the lift strength to a half empty beer can compared to a full beer can could result in spilling it on yourself or others if the koozie is lifted out too quickly. Also, when wrapping your four fingers around the top of beverage, make sure to apply the same amount of pressure needed for a good grip on the different weights you may encounter. Lastly, try not to move around in fast and quick motions because this could cause carbonated drinks to fizz and foam too much. Other than those tips, we believe the KoozieKlip is a nice way to enjoy your favorite drink while tailgating without having to abandon it or forgetting where you put it down.

The Koozieklip for 12 oz. cans will run you $8.68, the glass bottle KoozieKlip runs $10.85 and the water bottle KoozieKlip (a.k.a. the universal KoozieKlip) is $13.56. To find out more information or to buy one of your own, visit: koozieklip.com.