Tow Hitch Mounted Kegerator

Keg at a tailgate partyCreative tailgaters are always looking for a new way to utilize their tow hitch for their next tailgate party. I’ve seen The Freedom Grill, which is a swing out grill that attaches to your trailer hitch. I’ve seen tables and sun umbrellas that attach to your vehicle via the tow hitch. I have even seen a way to attach your flat screen TV to your tow hitch using the Tow Hitch TV mount. Now I have seen it all. I recently came across a way you can transport a kegerator system right off the back of your tow hitch.

I recently discovered a hitch-mountable, self-contained beer kegerator & entertainment system. You can pour up to 160 ice cold beers, play 12 hours of music and watch the early games on TV without having to recharge your car’s battery, refill your cooler with ice or clean up empty beer cans. The main component is the kegerator but other options that are available include 230 watt, 6 X 9 speakers, 10″ subwoofer, 2 or 4-channel amplifier, CD player or MP3 player docking station, satellite radio and an LCD screen with TV tuner. The Party-A-CarGo is equipped with its own power source which includes a deep cycle marine battery, a built-in battery charger and a 12-volt accessory plug outlet.

Want to see the Party-A-CarGo in action? Click the link below:


(Memo to the guys in the video: If you guys are tailgating with a freakin’ kegerator attached your tow hitch, at least sack up and spring for the Coleman Road Trip Grill. Seriously, that weak sauce grill impresses nobody.)

To get your own Party-a-CarGo, checkout the product page at and check out the Tow Hitch Kegerator.