Koozie Pocket Shirt: Keeps Your Beer Cold & Hands Free

When it comes to trying to enjoy some food and beverage while tailgating it would be nice if we all had three arms. One to hold your plate of food, one to hold your beer and the other to hold your fork. So until evolution catches up with us tailgaters and we grow a third arm, we as tailgaters need to come up with innovative ways to carry and hold all three items at once. Introducing the Koozie Pocket Shirt. It’s a polo shirt with a koozie style front pocket that comfortably supports your favorite beverage in a can, 12, 16 and 20 oz bottle or stadium cup while keeping it cool, you dry and your hands free. (Click on images to see larger view.)

Just at a glance you would think the pocket on the Koozie Pocket Shirt (formerly known as the “Drinking Buddy Shirt”) is just a regular polo shirt and someone stuffed a can or bottle in it. That is not the case. The front pocket on the Koozie Pocket Shirt features insulated materials just like a can koozie you would slip on your beer. The can or bottle stays cold just as it would in a koozie and the pocket prevents liquid from soaking through the shirt.

I know what you are asking… “does the Koozie Pocket Shirt really keep your drink cold while wearing the shirt”? I have my own Koozie Pocket Shirt and I am happy to report that it passed the test. I placed a Coors Light can in the Koozie Pocket Shirt and wore it for 20 minutes. The Coors Light can was one of those cans with the mountains on it that turn blue when the beer is cold. I wore the shirt for 20 minutes and the mountains were still blue. I dipped a digital thermometer in the can and the beer was 43 degrees after being in the Koozie Pocket Shirt pocket for 20 minutes. I did the same test with another can of Coors Light in a regular can koozie and the mountains were still blue and the temperature was actually 44 degrees. Even though the can was in a pocket worn on a body that was warmer than the outside room temperature, the Koozie Pocket Shirt actually kept the can slightly colder had it been sitting out in a regular can koozie.

Now with a Koozie Pocket Shirt, it solves the age old tailgating problem of not having enough hands to hold your plate of food, your beer and eat with a fork all at the same time.

You can get your own Koozie Pocket Shirt for just $24.95 plus $6 shipping. No matter what color or size you choose, the Koozie Pocket Shirt is the same price for all three. Colors available are Forrest Green, Red and Royal Blue. You should get one not only for yourself but for your tailgating buddies. Because after all, no one likes drinking alone.

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