Clink-N-Drink Opens Bottles And Catches Caps

One of the more popular posts I have done here on was the Cap-Trap, a.k.a. the Eco-Friendly bottle opener. The only problem is that you can’t buy the Cap-Trap yet. In my eternal quest to find great tailgating gear that is not only functional but also environmentally friendly, I recently was introduced to the Clink-N-Drink Bottle Opener. Take a look at this video to see exactly how it works.


We all know smart utilization of your limited parking space is key when tailgating. The Clink-N-Drink solves the problem of always trying to find the bottle opener when you need it. Because it stays put and out of your way, no one will ever ask you “hey, where’s the bottle opener?”. The rubber-coated magnets on the back allows you to stick the Clink-N-Drink on any magnetic metal surface. Now you can place a bottle opener right on the side of your car where everyone at your tailgate party will have easy access and will always remember where to find it.

Here’s where the environmentally friendly part comes in. As you can see in the video, as the cap is removed from the top of a bottle, it is caught by the magnetic metal tray. I have my own Clink-N-Drink and tested out the strength of the magnetic tray by seeing how many bottle caps it could hold while in a vertical position. As you can see by the photos below, I gave up after the Clink-N-Drink held about 45 bottle caps. (Click on the images to see a larger, more detailed view)


The Clink-N-Drink helps keep all your bottle caps in one place so there is no risk of anyone stepping on a stray bottle cap or your dog trying to swallow a cap found on the ground. You can also recycle metal bottle caps which helps protect the environment from some of the estimated 250 billion steel crown caps removed from bottles each year. By using the Clink-N-Drink you are helping to save the environment and that means that warm fuzzy feeling you get while tailgating won’t just be from catching a beer buzz.

The magnets that hold the Clink-N-Drink to your car are surprisingly strong. I would not be surprised if you could drive full highway speeds with the Clink-N-Drink on the side or back of your car and it still be there when you get home. I wouldn’t recommend leaving it on your car during the drive home because nothing screams “pull me over” to a police officer than a bottle opener attached to a moving vehicle.

The Clink-N-Drink sells for about $20 for a standard unit but you can customize yours to fit your own favorite team. As you can see I have a San Diego Chargers themed Clink-N-Drink and for a little more you can have one to fit your team.

To learn more about the Clink-N-Drink, visit the official Clink-N-Drink website or to buy one of your own, visit

Just in case you need to see more of the Clink-N-Drink in action, check out these other demo videos.