What’s TailgatingIdeas.com all about?

Tailgating Ideas is a blog dedicated to tailgating and the tailgate party lifestyle. A uniquely American past time and outdoor activity, tailgating combines cooking outdoors, the camaraderie fans enjoy before a game or concert and a common desire to socialize prior to sporting events or concerts. By promoting the tailgate party lifestyle in a positive light and to engage the tailgating public with insightful articles that range from tailgating gear reviews, recipes, news affecting tailgaters and occasionally humor pieces, TailgatingIdeas.com has rapidly become the foremost authority on all things tailgating and tailgate party related.

Who’s behind TailgatingIdeas.com?

Dave Lamm
Dave Lamm

Meet Dave Lamm – creator and driving force behind TailgatingIdeas.com.

TailgatingIdeas.com was started in August 2007 by David Lamm who grew tired of looking for tailgating ideas on the internet and only finding websites willing to sell him something.

Dave Lamm has been a tailgater for most of his adult life. He always enjoyed tailgating anytime he was invited to a game or concert but never tailgated on a regular basis until a few years ago. It was not until the 2004 NFL season that he turned the corner and became an “expert tailgater”. That was when he received the gift of season tickets to his favorite sports team, the San Diego Chargers.

Naturally Dave turned to the Internet to gain more information and ideas about tailgating. Unfortunately most tailgating websites are more interested in selling tailgating supplies and gear rather than sharing ideas and opinions about tailgating. Dave Lamm started TailgatingIdeas.com because he wanted to share his tailgating ideas, opinions and experiences that he has developed over the years.

You can read posts written by Dave Lamm HERE.

Meet Brandon Gunning - writer and contributor to TailgatingIdeas.com
Brandon Gunning

Meet Brandon Gunning – writer and contributor to TailgatingIdeas.com.


Originally from Western New York, Brandon Gunning moved to North Carolina in 2004. He started tailgating when he and his then girlfriend, now wife, Katie went to their first NASCAR race. Wanting to beat the high prices of mediocre stadium food, they went armed with a $20 grill, a couple of chairs and a package of hot dogs. The result was the birth of a new pregame tradition for the both of them. As time went on and the tailgating increased, Brandon wanted to try more than just hot dogs at their parties.

In anticipation of the 2009-10 NHL season, Brandon was eager to find different recipes for tailgating and the equipment he would need to prepare them. He spent hours scouring the net for tailgating information and he finally chose TailgatingIdeas.com as his “go to” site. He decided to write about tailgating because it was a channel for him to develop his own ideas and experiences and to share them with the world. Brandon is a fan of the Buffalo Bills, Carolina Hurricanes, NASCAR and just about any minor league baseball team he can get tickets to. You can read posts by Brandon HERE.

Dan SternMeet Dan Stern – writer and contributor to TailgatingIdeas.com.

As of 2015, Dan Stern is a senior at the University of Maryland and the co-founder of East Coast Cornhole (eccornhole.com). He’s a Big Ten football fanatic, lives to tailgate on Saturdays in the fall and makes the best BBQ chicken this side of the Mississippi. At this point in his life, Dan has been to over 100 tailgates, so he knows a good one when he sees it. Follow him on twitter at @EastCoastCorn.

You can read posts written by Dan HERE.

Chris Klinkner - writer and contributor to TailgatingIdeas.com.
Chris Klinkner

Meet Chris Klinkner – writer and contributor to TailgatingIdeas.com.


Chris Klinkner comes from the City of Brotherly Love or what he believes is the city of the best tailgaters, Philadelphia. Chris is a season ticket holder to both the Philadelphia Eagles and Phillies. If he had to pick between the two teams, Chris would say he bleeds the green.

Chris was introduced to tailgating by his dad and has been tailgating since the locals were playing at The Vet. He can enjoy a simple tailgate of hot dogs and beer with dad on a warm baseball afternoon, but his best tailgating experiences happen during the cold, winter, NFL months of December and January. His favorite tailgating meal is soft shelled crabs, crab fries, pumpkin ale and of course, a few cigars. You can read posts written by Chris HERE.

Meet Foster
Foster “Jim” Flint

Meet Foster “Jim” Flint – writer and contributor to TailgatingIdeas.com


Foster Flint tailgates in Texas where everything is bigger. He’s a season ticket holder and 12th Man Member for the Texas A&M University Aggies in College Station, just over an hour outside of Houston. Now in his sixth season of tailgating, his tailgate crew continues to grow from the early days of lawn chairs and coolers to the current state of satellite TVs, tailgating games and carefully considered meals.

As a passionate college football fan, he and his wife love planning and participating in tailgating. Over the last several years he’s received great ideas from Dave and the TailgatingIdeas.com team. He is now part of the team and will be dishing tailgating advice and anecdotes acquired from countless hours in the parking lots. In the coming years he’s looking to share his Texas sized insight from just outside Kyle Field. You can read posts written by Foster HERE .


Meet Peter Tverdov - writer and contributor to TailgatingIdeas.com
Peter Tverdov

Meet Peter Tverdov – writer and contributor to TailgatingIdeas.com.

Peter Tverdov graduated from Rutgers in 2009 and lettered in football as a defensive lineman for four years. While at Rutgers, Pete really developed his passion for tailgating and the tailgate party lifestyle. After a tryout with the NFL, Pete landed a great job and became a supporter of the Rutgers program. He quickly began tailgating games and refined his tailgate setup with each game. He had always had a dream of owning a tailgate bus and was able to pull the trigger on buying one that is co-owned with a friend of his. Pete views tailgating as an activity that affords him the opportunity to really cut loose, to see old friends and support his Alama Mater, Rutgers. He is always looking for new ways to make the tailgating experience more enjoyable whether that be with new food, drinks, gadgets, games, vehicles, etc.

You can read posts written by Peter HERE.


Meet Larry Gaian - writer and contributor to TailgatingIdeas.com
Larry Gaian

Meet Larry Gaian – writer and contributor to TailgatingIdeas.com

Larry Gaian’s passion is grilling and BBQ. While stationed in the military in Texas, Larry got his first taste of Texas brisket and was hooked on BBQ. Since then he has devoted his extra time and effort into spreading the word about good BBQ and how to make a good grilling experience a better one. The creator of the “MOINK Ball”, (a meatball wrapped in bacon with spices and a special sauce) Larry has been chosen to be a Guest Celebrity Chef at the World Barbeque Championships at Memphis. His blog, The BBQ Grail, was started in 2007 and has grown by leaps and bounds gaining in popularity and readership. Larry’s contributions to  Tailgating Ideas will be in the form of providing unique recipes that are specifically designed for grilling and other outdoor cooking. You can read posts written by Larry HERE.


Meet Mike
Mike “The Beer Guy”

Meet Mike “The Beer Guy” – contributor and head beer reviewer to TailgatingIdeas.com.


Mike “the Beer Guy” is a lifelong sports fan but an even bigger fan of the tailgating party. He is not afraid to admit that his love of a good tailgate can sometimes supersede his interest in the actual game. His idea of a great tailgating experience is good food, good friends and a good beer. Don’t call him a “beer snob” though. He knows when a tailgate calls for a good old fashioned case of Coors Light. It is just that over the years through intensive research, Mike has learned that there is more to beer drinking and tailgating than the same old, same old you see on every store shelf. Mike’s beer reviews are a way to enlighten those tailgaters on some of the beers you may never had known to try while providing some insight on what tailgate foods go the best with them. Whether at home or on the unfolded tailgate of his pick-up truck, Mike brings the knowledge and palate to let you know which beer you should take tailgating next. You can read tailgating beer reviews written by Mike HERE.

Meet Rob Smyth - writer and contributor to TailgatingIdeas.com
Rob Smyth

Meet Rob Smyth – writer and contributor to TailgatingIdeas.com.


Rob Smyth is a lifelong Philadelphia sports fan and believes combining beer, food and some (very mild) sporting activity before a game is only natural. He is always on the prowl for a great pre-game party and feels equally at home sipping on margaritas before a Jimmy Buffett concert or pounding a 40 oz. before a high school football game. All Rob asks is that people don’t judge him and that he gets a warning before the beer runs out. You can read posts by Rob HERE.


Meet Nick Jancaitis - writer and contributor to TailgatingIdeas.com
Nick Jancaitis

Meet Nick Jancaitis – writer and contributor to TailgatingIdeas.com.


Nick Jancaitis is an alumnus of Virginia Tech, therefore he bleeds Orange and Maroon and fall is his favorite season. (Winter months are beginning to be his favorite as well with the rise of the success of the VT basketball team of late.) Nick was introduced to tailgating as a freshman and was overwhelmed, but in a good way. He has been hooked ever since and gadgetry and gear-hoarding have become a sixth sense for him. He enjoys a cold brew with his wife and friends before cheering himself hoarse and stumbling back to the tailgate for a solid post-game continuation. Nick may not have enjoyed a lot of experience but he has experienced a lot. You can read posts written by Nick HERE.


Meet Jerry King - artist and cartoonist to TailgatingIdeas.com
Jerry King

Meet Jerry King – artist and cartoonist to TailgatingIdeas.com.

Jerry King is one of the most published cartoonists in America. His client list includes Disney, American Greetings and others worldwide. Jerry has been drawing cartoons for Playboy Magazine for nearly 15 years and is an award-winning political cartoonist. When Jerry is not at his drawing board, he can be found on a golf course losing or at a tailgate party of his alma mater, The Ohio State University. You can view tailgating cartoons drawn by Jerry HERE.


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