Red Solo Cup Koozie Review

Red Solo party cups are as common at tailgate parties as 40 year-old virgins are at comic book conventions. Although country music artist Toby Keith recently sang the praises of the Red Solo Cup, the main drawback is they do not insulate your beverage very well. We recently had the opportunity to try out a fun new drink koozie than not only keeps your beverage can cold but resembles a red Solo cup.

Red Solo Cup Koozies

The folks at recently sent us a sample koozie to test out and put it through its paces. The first thing we liked about it was the novelty aspect in that it actually looks like a real, plastic party cup. Of course, it is thicker and more puffy but that is from the insulation that helps to keep your drink cold.

We actually tested the red Solo cup koozie to see how it kept the can cold and it did quite well. It is not just a shoddy koozie that is unique and looks like it will be a conversation starter. It actually does the job at keeping your can cold.

Keep in mind that this type of koozie is a bit bigger than those neoprene thinner koozies that are made out of wetsuit material. This koozie has the feel of a thicker, foam koozie. Measured from across the top, the Red Solo Cup Koozie is about four inches wide. At the base, the koozie measures about 2 3/4 inches wide. If you have small hands or if a child wants to have their soda can in this koozie, the circumference may be a bit too much. But for an adult’s hand, this koozie will be just right.

After testing out the Red Solo Cup Koozie, we are going to give it the Tailgating Ideas “Tailgate Approved” certification. Now you can have a conversation starter right in your hand and keep your drink cold while chatting up the cute girls parked across from you.

The Red Solo Cup drink koozie comes as a set of two for $20.95. You can find them at

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Good luck to everyone and just for good measure, here is the video for Toby Keith’s song, “Red Solo Cup”.

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