Thermos Stainless Steel Can Insulator: The Best Beer Koozie I Have Tested

No matter what season you are tailgating, keeping your beverage cold is of utmost importance. Most of us employ those neoprene can koozies that are made of wetsuit material. Sure, they do the job better than just letting your can sit out in the ambient air but is there something better out there? I recently found that “something better” and it is called the Thermos Stainless Steel Can Insulator. You can find it


When I first received the Thermos Stainless Steel Can Insulator, I was skeptical. Had these guys really built a better mouse trap, per se? I mean all can koozies are the same, right? Man oh man, was I wrong. Before you read the results of my own test, check out this video.


Cut to the chase, I conducted my own test at home to see if this was the real deal. It is. What I did was I took two beers from the same fridge so they would be identical temperatures.  I placed one in the Thermos Stainless Steel Can Insulator and opened the other. The ambient room temperature where I conducted this “highly scientific” experiment was 71 degrees Fahrenheit. (Just in case you thought this test was taking place in Canada or Europe I used Fahrenheit to let you know this was an American test.) I placed a digital thermometer in the beer I just opened and it was 38. 1 degrees. It was safe to assume that the other beer I placed in the Thermos Stainless Steel Can Insulator was the same temperature because I just took it from the same refrigerator.

I waited an hour and then popped the top on the beer that was in the Thermos Stainless Steel Can Insulator. I was extremely surprised to see that the beer registered 39.2 degrees. That’s a net gain of one degree in temperature after 60 minutes removed from the refrigerator. Color me impressed.

Sticking with the scientific theme here, I decided it would be a good comparison to place another beer from the same fridge into a standard neoprene can koozie that I had recently received from After an hour, I tested the temperature and it registered 48.6 degrees. Still not bad, but a net gain of about 11 degrees compared to a gain of one degree with the Thermos Stainless Steel Can Insulator. Now I ask you, which beer would you rather be drinking? (British beer drinkers that like their beers room temperature are not allowed to answer.)

The only negative I could find with the Thermos Stainless Steel Can Insulator is the fact that it is made of stainless steel and maintains its shape 100% of the time. As tailgaters we know space is at a premium in our vehicles. Finding products that are small and compact in order to save space on the way to the game or concert is key. So unless you plan on bringing 10 of these in your tailgating kit, they may take up more room than you are willing to budget for. Other than the rigid design in regards to tailgating space, this product met and exceeded my expectations 100%.

The specs on the Thermos Stainless Steel Can Insulator are:

  • Compact design fits most car’s cup holders
  • Unbreakable stainless steel interior and exterior
  • Double-wall vacuum insulation
  • Insulates hand from icy cold can
  • Non-slip scratch-resistant base

I would highly recommend this product to any tailgater out there looking to keep your beer cold and your hand warm. Even after an hour outside the fridge, the beer had only gained one degree in temperature. Then again, if it takes you an hour to nurse your beer, you deserve to drink warm beer. Seriously.

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