Double Beer Bong

Beer Bongs while tailgating are quite commonplace. After all, you just need to run to the auto parts store, buy a plastic funnel, some tubing and maybe a clamp and you are good to go. That’s the “low tech” version of the beer bong. We were recently contacted by the folks who manufacturer the Beer Belt, and they told us they have a cool new product we should test out and review. It is the Double Beer Bong.
Double Beer Bong Girls

As you can see from the promotional photo is that it is a dual chambered beer bong with individual hoses and individual shut-off valves. The funnel is heavy duty plastic and has a handle on the back of it much like the handle you would find on the back of a water pitcher. It is easy to hold and easy to lift up.

We were sent a sample of the Double Beer Bong to test out for ourselves in a real tailgating environment. Rather than test it out at home, we actually took it the San Diego Chargers vs Kansas City Chiefs game and tailgate and tested it in the parking lot. As you can see from the below gallery, it was definitely a big hit.

(Disclaimer: While we received a sample of the Double Beer Bong free of charge in order to test and review it, in no way did this influence our opinion to offer a fair and balanced review of the product. Outside of the free sample, we did not receive any additional compensation for this review.)

When we first arrived at Qualcomm Stadium and started setting up our tailgate, we hung up the Double Beer Bong by a bungee cord to the frame of our pop-up tent. This got us a few thumbs up from the other early risers that got to the tailgate lot by 8 am. A few tailgaters even wandered over to comment on the Double Beer Bong and to see how it was constructed and crafted. Without even using it, it was one of those “gets you noticed” pieces of tailgating gear.

Before long, the parking lot started to fill up and we quickly made friends with those that parked around us. One particular group took a liking to the Double Beer Bong and offered to buy it from us without ever seeing it in action. Keep in mind, these tailgaters weren’t your typical “20-somethings” that you would expect to be enamored by a Double Beer Bong. These folks were admittedly in their 40’s and 50’s but they still had not lost their party attitude. Since they were so taken by the Double Beer Bong I made them a deal. They would be able to keep the Double Beer Bong as long as they allowed me to take some pictures of them using it. Hence, the gallery you see above. (The gentleman in the middle is my friend Jeff who was my tailgating wing man for this game.)

As for the specifics of the Double Beer Bong, it is actually two beer bongs in one. Separate chambers allow your friends to race each other, or one person can use it alone. Each chamber holds 72 ounces. For the mathematically challenged, that equals six 12 oz cans of beer. At the end of each four foot tube are valves which easily stop and start the flow without spilling. Each hose can hold a single beer in it without any in the top chamber. A handle on the side allows a person to hold it, or you can hang it with the loop provided at the top. Level markings on the side of the funnel tell you how full it is.

The Double Beer Bong is dishwasher safe and all parts easily remove and re-assemble for cleaning. It’s made from USDA approved plastics which means it’s safe and approved to drink from. This patent pending invention is the first and only production beer bong. You can’t make a beer bong like this from hardware store parts.

So if you couldn’t have guessed by now, the Double Beer Bong gets the “Tailgate Approved” stamp of approval. We found it to be a high quality product that is worthy of adding to your tailgating kit. If you have friends and they are a little competitive when it comes to their drinking, the Double Beer Bong is a quality addition.

Please keep in mind that consuming large quantities of alcohol can be hazardous to your health and should be avoided. This product is a novelty item and is not intended for use as a means to consume large quantities of alcohol. Use this product responsibly and in conjunction with state and federal laws regarding alcohol consumption. The Double Beer Bong and do not promote excessive alcohol consumption. Drink responsibly and do not drink and drive.

We enjoyed this product so much and received such a positive reaction that we have decided to offer it for sale in our tailgating gear store. The Double Beer bong is $24.99 plus $10 flat rate shipping. Get your own Double Beer Bong HERE and race your friends at the next tailgate.