Thinking These Thoughts

It’s a holiday weekend so can you really blame me for having difficulty putting together a complete post or even complete sentences?  But as I embark on my three days of nothing, I thought why not share some more randomness from a tailgater…?

Sports Joke of the Day:  What is the difference between Brazil and Coffee?  Coffee stays in the Cup.  Look at this American talking soccer trash!

What I learned from tailgating:  Have you ever heard someone utter the phrase when they want an early drink, “It’s gotta be 5 o’clock somewhere“?  Screw that.  One o’clock football and baseball games means it is perfectly OK to start drinking at sunrise.  So even though I am not tailgating right now, I am drinking morning beer No. 1 because I am a tailgater and that’s what tailgaters do.

Stupid phrase of the day:  I was out at the local bar last night and the lady next to us is engaging in a heated conversation about the need for alcoholic beverage nutrition labels.  No thank you.  Please let us enjoy the guilty pleasure of alcohol without worrying about caloric intake.  We do not need any more of those light beers that boast 45 – 55 calories per bottle.  Water has more flavor than than that crap.  Let us enjoy getting hammered.  Let the college freshman continue to wonder where those freshman 15 came from.

You Just Gotta Drink:  Beer is good.  Beer is great.  But you gotta switch it up every once in a while.  And when you make the switch, may I please suggest FireFly Sweet Tea Vodka.  This is especially good during these  hot summer days in the parking lot or on your front or back porch.  And forget about using this goodness in a mixed drink.  Stay simple: sweet tea vodka, a splash of water, a lemon wedge, mix, and drink.  So VERY good.

You Just Gotta Eat: For your next tailgate or even this July 4th weekend, here is a simple side dish that is freaking delicious.  Pizza Salad.  So tasty and even simpler to make.  Get a block of mozzarella cheese and cut it into small squares. Chop some fresh basil.  Cut up some tomatoes.  Get a can of sliced black olives.  Get a package of Boboli pizza crust and cut it up into small squares.  Mix all of this yummy goodness together in a bowl with some Italian or Caesar salad dressing.  I guarantee you that this will be the first side dish to go.

Breaking the Law: How many of you remember the Miller Lite Man Law commercials?  More specifically how many of you remember the lime wedges in beer ad?  If not, check it out here.  You know what? Time to go law breaking.  In all honesty, doesn’t a Corona or Landshark taste better with a lime? Doesn’t a BlueMoon taste better with an orange wedge?  Doesn’t a Sam Adams Cherry Wheat taste better with a cherry?  You bet is does.  And what gives a group of guys drinking Lite beer the right to judge the manliness of fruit in beer?!?

Happy 4th of July!  Enjoy not working on Monday!