Extra Sun, Extra Tailgate Practice

This weekend is Daylight Savings…time to grudgingly push the clocks forward an hour.

Your first thought is, damn 1 less hour of sleep!  Why can’t this clock change happen while I’m working and not on my precious weekend!

Cheer up…you now get an extra hour of sunlight in the evening.  When you leave the office there will still be sunlight!  When you get home there will still be sunlight!  When you get home…you can break out the grill and Barbeque!

Late winter / early (OK, early, early) spring is the best time to practice and hone up your tailgating skills.  All those recipes and ideas you have been reading about on this site can finally be put to the test.  And so what if you screw up…it’s just you and your grill…no one has to know.

Try some new sauces.  Try some new meats.  Maybe experiment with some new beer and meat combinations.  Compare charcoal versus gas.  Compare charcoal versus smokey wood chips.  That’s right get two grills going at the same time!

Opening day for MLB is now less than a month away.  Practice (Yes, Iverson, we are talking about Practice!), practice, and practice those cooking skills.  Kick-ass baseball tailgating paves the way for college football tailgating, which in turn leads us into the Sunday Football!

It all begins this Sunday.  We tailgaters welcome you Daylight Savings.