The Grill Glove…High Five!

Trust me, I was probably more skeptical than you are going to be.

When I  see these products being pitched on TV and I instantly reach for the remote to change the channel (though I do miss Billy Mays).   If these products are as good as they claim, how can they possibly be less than $20 and then you also get 2-3 related items absolutely free.  Even Wal-Mart doesn’t stand a chance against these prices.

I was, of course, happy to get a birthday gift from my co-workers.  But the gift was the Grill Glove, so I think the curiosity outweighed the happiness.  Couldn’t they have just gotten me a 12-pack or a gift card to my favorite restaurant?  But the gift was the Grill Glove, so why not give it a try.

Go figure. The damn thing actually works.  Check out the product and video demonstration here.

I haven’t had a chance to test the Grill Glove at an actual tailgate yet, but a BBQ birthday party for 30+ people is probably a better test.  If nothing else, wearing the glove was a good “ice breaking” conversation as people came up to me as I was manning the grill.  But again, go figure, the thing worked.

The Grill Glove was comfortable.  It made flipping burgers easy, rolling hot dogs easy, and rotating ribs easy.  And since I was grilling on those crappy park grills, it helped with food that normally would have gotten stuck to the grate.  And since there was no sink or dishwasher in sight, it was easy to clean the glove as I worked between foods.  Just some water from the cooler and a bit of soap and I was good to go.

I am not a pitch man.  And no, I am not getting a free set of gloves for this post.  I am honestly recommending an “as see on TV” product.  Tailgating is all about enjoying yourself with minimal stress.  The Grill Glove most definitely helps in accomplishing this.

And the best part, if you order the Grill Glove you get one for free (of course you do).  So you have one for yourself and another that you too can give as a gift.  Not sure if the one I got was the purchased one or the free one, but as mom taught us, it’s the thought that counts.  I am guessing the co-workers also kept the Lava Mitt!