What’s the Rush?!?

NJ - Newark: Riverfront Stadium - Home PlateImage via Flickr

Going to the ballpark is a sports fans’ paradise.  It begins with the pregame tailgate in the parking lot.  Then it’s into the stadium for the game.  The day ends with another mini-tailgate before finally heading home.

Everything down at the ballpark is an escape from reality, an escape from the daily stress of home and the workplace.  It’s you, friends, good food and drink, all while cheering on your favorite team to a W.  It’s worth every penny spent and every second of planning (makes me wish I had a game tonight!).

So much fun, yet I continue to see fans leaving the game early!

What is so urgent that a fan needs to leave a game before the 7th inning stretch or before the 4th quarter clock strikes zero?  You spent good money on a ticket that buys you 4 quarters or 9 innings of entertainment.  Even if the home team is struggling sit back and enjoy the stadium atmosphere and be thankful your boss or significant other isn’t nagging you for a few hours.  Plus if the home team does come back, do you really want to be that guy in the office the next day saying, “nope, I left early and missed that play when I was walking back to my car.”

Would you leave a movie before seeing the ending?  Would you leave a restaurant before the last bite?  Would you end a date before being being offered a late night “cup of coffee?”  I didn’t think so.

Sure there may be some extra traffic if you stick around to the end, but traffic is just another part of the in-person, gaming experience.  Traffic gives you another excuse to again light up the grill for a post-game meal or the chance to listen to post-game press conferences and analysis on the radio.

So please don’t be that person asking everyone in the row to stand up as you exit the stadium early.  Don’t be that guy who is more concerned with beating traffic then seeing that miraculous comeback.  Enjoy every second of the experience…life has too many other stressors to not enjoy every minute of this paradise!