Weekend Clock Counts Down Until Tailgating Time

If you are like most tailgaters, the weekend is your prime time to fire up the grill, throw some cornhole and get out there and tailgate. After all, the majority of Americans do not work on the weekends and tailgating is a great way to unwind before going back to the daily grind. That’s why you need a Weekend Countdown Clock.

(Photo courtesy of DVice.com)

Now there is no second guessing when the weekend starts and when you can slide down the Brontosaurus tail a la Fred Flintstone and start enjoying yourself. The Weekend Countdown Clock calculates to the exact second when your weekend starts. If you work odd hours and your weekend isn’t typically Saturday and Sunday, you can set the clock to pinpoint any day of the week. It also comes in black or white depending on your preferences.

H/T: Dvice, GearCrave, Coolest Gadgets and Geeky Gadgets

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