The Shot Caller Keeps The Time While You Do The Shots

Although beer pong and flip cup seem to dominate the tailgating binge drinking landscape, there are a few hardcore tailgaters that will play Power Hour or Century Club. Both of these drinking games involve drinking a 1 oz shot of beer every 60 seconds. (Power hour is 60 shots in an hour and Century Club is 100 shots in 100 minutes.) Sounds simple until you try it.

The problem with these games is you have to have some sort of a “time keeper”. The time keeper has to constantly keep an eye on the clock and has to shout out “DRINK” or blow a whistle or alert everyone of their drinking responsibilities every 60 seconds. Kind of a hassle. But now there comes the Shot Caller; a clock that counts down at 60 second intervals with a loud alert system.

The Shot Caller

It comes complete with Red, Yellow and Green LED lights to let you know how far away you are from taking your next shot. The digital numbers on the top count down much like the shot clock in a basketball game. It has the option of being set for 60 or 100 minutes. As an added bonus, the Shot Caller comes equipped with four shot glasses just in case you don’t have any. (Right, like that’s the one thing your place is missing…)

The Shot Caller will run you less than 10 bucks and if you order two you get free shipping. Get more info from their official website