It’s Old, But It’s Good

When you hear the phrase “Oldie, but Goodie” does you mind wander to thoughts of a “Cougar.”  Maybe your mind is a little more “clean” and you think of of a favorite power tool or golf club.  Well how about applying the phrase to tailgating.

Screw the advances in technology.  Forget about the genius that is Tony Fadell.  Instead give me and millions of other fans Mr. AM / FM.  Yes, the good old AM / FM radio.  Whether it be a boom box or portable Walkman.  The sounds of the old fashion radio are still tops for all tailgaters.  Hell, let’s be honest, the radio is the top tailgate and in-game gadget.

A radio makes the tailgate.  It makes everything better.  Don’t believe me?  Well, next time you are in the parking lot look around.  Next time you are in the stadium look around.  Next time you are hanging out in the backyard or attending a barbecue look around.  The radio is EVERYWHERE.

The radio gives us music.  Music makes food taste better.  Music makes you always reach for that extra cold one.  Music drowns out the annoying tailgating group that can’t hold their liquor.  Music makes you smile even wider at an already perfect tailgate.

The radio gives us sports.  The radio gives you the fan’s reaction to the local team’s goofs and glories.  The radio gives you straight and honest opinion from the local sports media who actually knows the local teams (bye, bye ESPN!).  The radio gives you the play by play once inside the stadium by an old, familiar, friendly voice.  The radio gives you the instant replay when you’re in the stadium seat and not in front of the TV (and makes you the most popular guy in the stands because you actually know the truth).  The radio gives you the game breakdown when you set up for the post game tailgate.

So many benefits at almost zero cost.  A Walkman at the local Walmart runs you $10 tops.  A boom box runs you $20 tops.  Trying getting that value from an Ipod or MP3 player.  The price is double or triple that.  And that doesn’t even include the cost of downloading songs or podcasts.  And those savings can go right to buying more beer, more food, more tickets, more tailgating games.

Hell, even if you are a lazy, last minute tailgater you can just blast the radio from your ride.  Like a best friend the radio, the music, the sports talk…they are always there for a tailgater and sports fan.

So as my pops taught me, appreciate your elders.  They carry a lot of knowledge, a lot of fun, and they only get better with age.  They are irreplaceable.  So as I sit here on my porch, as you sit there at your tailgate, raise the next next cold one for the ultimate, number one tailgating accessory…the AM / FM radio.  It’s an oldie, but damn, it sure still is a GOODIE!

Randomness: If you haven’t tried the new pretzel M&Ms, try them and NOW.  The ultimate combination of sweet and salty.  Perfect for the tailgate or passing out on the couch eating too many of them and drinking too much!