Tailgate for One

Meatball submarine sandwich with baconImage via Wikipedia

I know it and you know it…nothing tops the experience of tailgating in the lot with your friends.

But life is well life and time doesn’t always allow for a trip to the stadium for the true tailgate experience.  What’s one to do?  Go for the “tailgate for one.”

Friends are great.  I love my wife.  But after a stressful week of work there are few things better than coming home to an empty house on a Friday night with first pitch less than a few hours away.

The relaxation and unwinding are key, but just as important is the fun that you get to have throughout the work day on Friday…planning your feast.

Instead of immediately jumping into your work when you arrive at the office in the morning, take a few minutes, enjoy your coffee, and plan out the evening and the menu.

This fan breaks it into 3 parts.

  • What can I pick up at lunch?
  • How will I pregame?
  • What’s sitting on the table come first pitch?

At lunch I hit up the local tobacco store for a quality cigar and the liquor store for a six pack (Note: do NOT leave the beer in the work fridge when the clock hits 5!).

Next instead of giving your full attention during a Friday status meeting start mapping out your evening commute home and the places to grab the grub.  For this guy it’s a stop at the sub shop and then to the A&P for chips, sides, and dessert.

You get home and there is still an hour plus until first pitch…time for some pregaming.  The sun is out, so you set-up shop outside with your first beer and you light the cigar.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the clock.  About 30 minutes before the game you call and place the appetizer order…gotta have something hot to go with the sub and chips.

You finish up your beers, put out the cigar, and make the trip around the corner to pick up the wings.  You get home and the lineups are just being announced.  You clear off all the crap sitting on your coffee table and line up your feast for one.

It’s just you, your grub, and your team.  Before you know it the stresses of the week are gone, your stomach is full, and you are passed out before the 7th inning stretch.

Damn, life is good!  (Tailgate for one also works on a Saturday afternoon after grudgingly finishing up the “to-do list.”)