Tailgating Randomness

Ugh.  It’s my first weekend without the home team playing football in almost 18 weeks.  The mood is a bit down, so putting together complete thoughts is a bit more difficult today.  So no better time for a bunch of randomness..

Random Thing 1:

I am one of those fans that feels the need to buy a new jersey each off-season.  The reasons are many.  The thinking about which player to represent  and the time to  research the best jersey price helps me get through the off-season.  I also like to support the new free agent or draft pick.  Lastly, I am  a superstitious fan, so if the team stunk it up last season the reason surely had to be because of the apparel I was wearing.

I have always considered myself wise because I never paid the ridiculous jersey prices at the stadium or at the local sporting goods store.  Most often I would spend some time on ebay and hopefully win an auction.  But no more.  During the holiday season I discovered the website NFLjerseys20.  The site is located in Korea and sells jerseys at wholesale price.

I know what you are thinking.  A bit shady and who knows about the product quality I am getting.  I had the same thoughts, but I took a chance since authentic jerseys were only $20.  There is a $20 shipping fee per shipment.  The solution…buy more than 1 jersey and the shipping charge per item lessens!  For the holidays I purchased 2 Eagles jerseys and 2 Phillies jerseys.

The end result was receiving 4 authentic jerseys.  The numbers and names were sewn on.  The Phillies jersey even had the World Series and Harry Kalas patches.  The brands were the same as you would find in the local sporting goods store.  The shipping time was under 2 weeks.  The site and product gets this fan’s stamp of high approval.

Random Thing 2:

This one I got from a caller on a local sports show and applies to stadiums or any establishment that has a public bathroom.  It’s  the 5 most important rules of using a public urinal..

1 – Please wait until you are completely at the urinal to unzip the goods!  There is no excuse to touch the zipper before that time.

2 – Eyes on your own prize.

3 – Zero talking.

4 – If at all possible there should be a buffer of 1 urinal between you and the next guy.  No shame in using a bathroom stall.

5 – As with rule #1, when you are done, do all of your “closing up” at the urinal.

The rules sound simple but you and I both know that too often these rules aren’t followed.  Especially when a fan has been drinking too much prioring to “stepping up to the plate.”

Random Thing 3:

With the Super Bowl fast approaching and tickets usually being sold for prices in the thousands, I ask the question, what would you do for Super Bowl tickets?  Would you do what this woman allegedly did for World Series tickets?

Random Thing 4:

Again, with the Super Bowl fast approaching it’s time for our favorite office game…the Super Bowl Grid.  Here’s a website with  instructions on how to set-up the game.  Now if only there was a website to rig the game!  10 years and counting and not a single winner for this fan!  Thankfully there is always the March Madness tournament game!

Random Thing 5:

As we attempt to drop some of those NFL tailgating pounds, here is a great fish recipe.  Fish is healthier than BBQ ribs, wings, sausage, and burgers…right?  I made this catfish recipe last week…delicious!  The ingredients are simple and the prep time is less than 10 minutes.