Free Drinks for this Fan

Wine Rack Girl I’ve snuck candy and drinks into a movie theater.  But any sense of shame is gone the moment the lights go out and I hear sounds every where of ziplock bags, cans of soda, and bags of chips opening.  Everyone else is doing it so why not follow, enjoy the fun, and save a few bucks.  (yes if everyone else jumped off the bridge I would too…cause there has to be a good reason for jumping!)

Carrying over the “sneaky” theme to the stadium, on occasion I have even taken a bottle of water or two into the stadium in my sock.  Again, no big deal, just saving myself a few bucks for an extra beer.

Last weekend I took the logical next step…OK, my wife took the next step for us.  As a joke-type birthday gift my wife’s co-workers bought her the Winerack. Despite the joke aspect of the gift it really wasn’t a bad idea.  She likes to drink, and on occasion she will go to a Phillies or Eagles game with me.

With the recent success of the home teams we were in a good mood so we thought let’s add to the excitement and bring some Jack into the game with us.  And go figure the silly thing actually worked!  Brilliant!

The wine rackBecause the Winerack looked natural it easily passed the security frisk.  The wife said it was comfortable to wear, feeling similar to a sports bra.  And once inside the stadium the liquor was still good and we avoided the eye of the ushers.  And to the fans around us my wife was the coolest of the cool.

So if your signigicant other is a tailgater I highly recommend the Winerack (and this recommendation is without any compensation, but if the company wants to send me a free Beerbelly I am all for it!). And if you are a follower of Seinfeld it can even be used as a Bro or Manssiere for us guys.


For all you Philadelphia fans who suffered through the transit strike this week there is good news from the city’s failures.  A strike means additional time to tailgate this weekend for the Cowboys game…gates are opening early!