Juice’s Originals Marinades

juices originals marinade labelAs a tailgating nation we are always looking for that special something to make our tailgate party a little bit different, a little bit special. Whether it be a new recipe or a cool piece of tailgating gear, we want whatever it is to make our experience in the parking lot the best.

About a month ago when I was working out the details of offering the BoozLuge in our online tailgating store, Nate, the creator of the BoozLuge told me a friend of his had created some marinades he thought tailgaters would love. He told me his friend was a big time outdoors guy and loved to go hunting. He developed these marinades not only for grilling but to make homemade jerky whenever he came home from a hunt. Nate said he would send me some samples just to try something different. All I can say is, man, were they different in a really, really good way.

Right off the bat, these marinades are called Juice’s Originals and you can find them at JuicesOriginals.com. There are three varieties, Original, BBQ and Hot. I will warn you that if you like spicy marinades you are in for a treat. Lots of pepper and a lot of smoke flavor surround all three blends. I tried the hot blend on some pork chops and they turned out awesome. My friend who I took with me tailgating is a big fan of taking photos of the foods he prepares or orders in restaurants. He likes to post the photos to his Facebook wall and shares with friends. He loved the Juice’s Originals Hot blend on the pork chops so much that after the first bite he was reaching for his iPhone.

Pork Chop with Juice's Original marinadeI had tasted the marinade by dipping my finger in some so I knew it was hot and spicy before adding it to the pork chops. I warned my friend that it was quite hot and to be expecting a bit of a kick. He loved it just as much as I did and asked if I was sent an extra bottle.

I tried the Juice’s Originals BBQ sauce on some chicken breasts later in the week and was just as pleased as I was with the hot blend on the pork chops. Although not as hot and spicy as the hot blend, the BBQ marinade tasted a bit like traditional BBQ sauce, but a tad different. The BBQ blend was a lot more bold and spicy and did not have that sweet taste that some BBQ sauces tend to overpower your taste buds with. It was great on chicken and because it did not have that honey/sugar/sweet taste to it, I was able to marinate the chicken in it and not worry that the sugar would cause flare ups on the grill.

Although we do have a dehydrator at home and my wife keeps telling me it makes great beef jerky, I have not tried the Juice’s Originals to make jerky. I can tell by using it as a marinade that it would make a great jerky blend.

As mentioned earlier, if you are looking for something that will be original and likely no one else in the parking lot will be offering, try Juice’s Originals marinades. If you like bold and spicy marinated meats, you have to give these a try at your next tailgate party.

No matter what flavor you choose, each individual bottle costs $6.99. An entire bottle will marinate five pounds of meat. Discounts for ordering by the case apply including a case of 12 bottles for $75.49 and three cases include a 20% discount and costs $201.99. When ordering cases of Juice’s Originals, free shipping applies.

To pick up some for yourself, visit JuicesOriginals.com, Legacy Outdoors or Amazon.com.