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The Beer Tool Review

The Beer Tool was an invention created out a problem. According to the owners they were tired of using their wife’s bottle opener to crack open a drink and decided to make something tougher, stronger and manlier. A few hours later they came up with the Beer Tool and the rest is history.

The Beer Tool comes with a tag on it with a catch phrase, “The Manliest Bottle Opener You’ll Ever Own.” One doesn’t disagree with that, as having a wrench on you to open a drink is a pretty cool gadget to have. Obviously the tool is very sturdy because it’s a legitimate wrench that has one side cutoff and shaped, with the purpose of catching onto the bottle cap. The nice thing is that you don’t have to worry about breaking a cheap piece of plastic. Unless you run over your Beer Tool with an Excavator this gadget is probably safe.

Working at a bar I gave it to several bartenders to try it out and give some feedback. Obviously it’s not as fast as a bartender bottle opener, but as a novelty item several thought it was pretty cool and something unique. Coming from a guy’s perspective, one thing I never thought of was that it looked “cute”, but that’s what several ladies told me who took a look at it.

The tool comes in two difference sizes, with a 3/4 wrench and a 5/16 wrench. The 5/16 you could probably hang on your car keys, the other size is probably about 6” and can go in your back pocket. The end of the Beer Tool is convenient so you can hang it near your grill or on the wall and it’s convenient enough to carry in your pocket as well. The one thing I’d like to see added is having the tool in different colors (I might be spray painting mine with some red Rustoleum for Rutgers).

Overall it’s a cool little novelty item and for $8 (small one) and $10 (big one) the price is fair. For more information and to order one you can it from our online tailgating gear store: