Seat Heater

We all know that you need a place to sit while at a tailgate party. Lots of options are out there on the market between regular aluminum lawn chairs, folding club chairs or even the old fashioned way of sitting on the unfolded tailgate of your pick-up truck. Most of those previously mentioned options don’t help you stay warm. Even though we are not in football season those early season baseball tailgaters could use a chair that takes away the chill on opening day. I recently had the opportunity to test out a Seat Heater tailgating chair and found it to be a great way to stay comfortable while tailgating.

The Seat Heater is a patent pending portable heated chair in a bag. It is a high quality chair that uses a collapsible heating element that heats both the bottom and back of the chair. It looks and performs like a regular tailgating quad chair conserving space in your car during transport. The chair has a rechargeable battery with four different settings (High/Medium-High/Medium/Low) and will last between 3-5 hours depending on the setting you choose. Just charge the battery in an A/C outlet, then plug it directly in the pocket on the side of the chair. Turn on the battery when you want to warm up and you have heat almost instantly. The battery uses Lithium Ion technology to ensure use over the course of a number of tailgate parties. (Over 400 recharges)

When it is not cold tailgating season, simply leave the battery at home and use it like a regular chair. When sitting in the chair with or without the heating element running, you do not feel wires or cords on your body. It just feels like a regular tailgating chair but you have the option to turn on the heat if it is a bit chilly out.

The Seat Heater comes in different sizes including a regular size rated to hold up to 225 pounds and an oversized option that can accommodate up to 300 lbs. The chair includes a bag as well as the battery and charger.

I was sent a sample of the regular size Seat Heater and had my wife test it out for me. Since I am 6’5″ and over the 225 pound weight limit I thought it would be a good idea for my wife to test it out. After all, she is the one who is typically cold while tailgating so this chair would be a good fit for her to test out.

After fully charging the battery we plugged it into the back of the chair and turned it on. Almost immediately she said she could feel the seat and chair back getting warm. We initially turned it on the highest setting and after a few minutes turned it to a lower setting. The lower setting still kept the chair warm and it lasted longer. We left the chair on and tested it out again a few hours later. It was still warm after about three hours of being left on. After three hours we turned it off because we were convinced the manufacturer was correct in its energy consumption estimates of keeping the seat warm for three to five hours depending on the setting.

After testing out the chair and seeing the chair perform, I have the utmost confidence in recommending Seat Heater to tailgaters. Color options include black, red and blue and the chairs cost $79.95 a piece. Compare that to other high quality tailgating chairs that normally cost $40 without the heating option. Many lithium batteries for R/C cars or cordless drills can run around $50, For a combination of both a chair and the battery, these chairs are priced quite affordably.

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