Tailgate The Nation Film Fund Raising Drive

Tailgate the Nation Back in July we told you about a group of extraordinary documentary filmmakers who in 2009, took a 100 day trip across America to capture the essence and the spirit that surrounds college football tailgating. Titled “Tailgate The Nation” and funded 100% with the producers’ own money, this independent film is almost at the finish line. In order to complete the film they need to raise about $7,500 more. Take a look at the preview of the film.


Now that you have seen a small taste of the film you can become a part of the movie. By being a financial backer of this film you can not only bring the college football tailgating experience to millions but you can also receive special recognition and free stuff in the process. Here are the sponsorship levels you can be a part of.

Pledge $25 or more – Special thanks email and frequent updates from the Crew about the film
Pledge $50 or more – Receive a DVD hard copy of the film signed by the Werk brothers. You will also be added in the Special Thanks Credits at the end of the film plus benefits from above.
Pledge $75 or more – Hard copy of the music used in the film plus all the above
Pledge $100 or more – Receive a 2011 Tailgate The Nation Calendar plus all of the above.
Pledge $200 or more – Receive a Professionally Printed Photo of your choice from the travels plus all of the above. Choose your still from the Tailgate The Nation Flikr account. The still will come framed and will be shipped to you.
Pledge $300 or more – Join the Werk brothers for a wrap “Tailgate” party/bash in Los Angeles at the end of 2010. If you cannot make this event, you can receive a soft book with photos and stories from the trip plus all the above.
Pledge $500 or more – Get a full day showing you around Santa Monica/LA as well as an evening of Dinner & Drinks with the TGTN filmmakers OR if they’re travels take you to your area plus all the above.
Pledge $1,000 or more – You will be credited as ONE of the Co-Executive Producers for the film plus all of the above.

As far as I know, this is going to be the first full-length feature documentary that will showcase and focus on college football tailgating. You can be a part of it by being a sponsor. To donate to this film documentary, click HERE.