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Most of you regulars already know we have an online tailgating gear store called In it we carry all kinds of cool tailgating stuff that you normally can’t find in those big box retail stores or even in those online giants like But because it is Mid-July and most of you are already gearing up for football tailgating, we thought we would share with you some updates on happenings going on over there in case you were in the market for some tailgating gear.

BasketPong angled

First up is a price reduction on the tailgating game, BasketPong. We discovered this game that takes beer pong vertical back in January at the Sports Licensing & Tailgate Show in Las Vegas. Upon laying eyes on it we just knew it would be a game that tailgaters would love and immediately made arrangements to carry the game in our online tailgating gear store. The only problem was that because it was so new, the price was a bit higher than the traditional beer pong tables… around $120 plus shipping. We are happy to announce that we have purchased a large quantity of Basketpong games which enabled us to drop the price to under $100. So if you have been on the fence about getting a Basketpong game for your tailgating crew, maybe this reduction in price will help make that decision a little easier.

RoboCup RV Ladder

Although the price has remained the same on the RoboCup, the portable cup holder and caddy system that attaches to just about anywhere, we have added some color options. When we first started offering the RoboCup, we only had the black with the red grips available. Now we have black with yellow grips, (for the Iowa Hawkeyes and Pittsburgh Steelers tailgaters) grey with black grips and white with grey grips. So no matter what color scheme you are going for, we now carry other color options to fill those needs. Same great price at less than $20 plus shipping.

Frost Boss open

If you read our review of the Frost Boss, you know we found it to be one of the most innovative tailgating products to hit the market. Taking a warm 12 oz can and turning it cold in two minutes without making it fizz upon opening is genius. It was that exact reason why we chose to offer the Frost Boss for sale in our own store. Priced at less than $30, you can now chill a can of beer or soda to 42 degrees in less than two minutes. Keep in mind the Frost Boss pictured above with the NFL branding logo is not for sale in our online store. We carry the first generation Frost Boss that in turn makes it less expensive but nonetheless just as effective. Click HERE to see the non-NFL version of the Frost Boss we carry.

Shark koozies

For the Jimmy Buffett tailgaters in our midst, these koozies are for you. Nothing special about them outside of what you see above. They are can koozies that look like a shark is eating your drink can. Keeps the drink cold, your hand warm and looks as thought you are holding a shark. Not much else we can say other than the Shark Koozie is $6 for one or if you want a set, two for $10.

We have all kinds of cool tailgating gear at from using your cordless drill to make blender drinks, a way to watch your flat screen TV off the back of your car or even bottle opener sunglasses. If you are a tailgater there has to be something for you over at