BoozLuge & RACC Now Available from

BoozLuge country concertLast summer we opened up our tailgating gear store, We did this because over the years of reviewing new tailgating products and gear, we needed a place to put all those cool tailgating items that are not normally found in retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods or Sports Authority. The objective was to provide a portal to you the tailgaters so you can find them easily. Now that football season is coming to a close and many of you have already winterized your tailgating arsenal, we understand that this period between the seasons is when many tailgaters will be looking to add or upgrade their gear before next season. Because of this, we are committed to adding at least one new product to the inventory of every day until baseball season starts. If you have visited there in the past few days you may have already noticed we have been adding new products continuously. Two of those newly added products include the BoozLuge and the Retractable Awning Canopy Company tents.

We reviewed the RACC back in November and found it to be a unique and very useful new way to have shelter from the elements without some of the restrictions and hassles of normal four legged tents. The RACC is not available in any other stores so this was a no brainer to add it to the list of tailgating gear offered at Also, the RACC has been approved for licensing with a number of NCAA member institutions like Georgia, LSU, Florida State, Auburn, South Carolina, Tennessee, Clemson along with other ACC and SEC member schools.

The BoozLuge was reviewed by our contributor Chris in October and he enjoyed this product thoroughly. In a nutshell it is a block of ice with grooves that act as channels where you can take a shot of liquor and pour it into a fellow tailgaters mouth. Take a look at the above photo and you can get the gist. Although it is cold now in most parts of the United States, Spring is coming and soon we’ll be tailgating baseball games and summer concerts. Adding a BoozLuge to the tailgating cache will just add to the fun.

Because we are committed to adding at least a new product to daily, you can get up to the minute updates on when a new product is added. That site also has an RSS feed so you will be alerted once a new product is added. The best part is it is free.

So if you haven’t been over to before or this is your first time visiting, I am sure you will find something over there that you haven’t seen in your run of the mill sporting goods or home improvement warehouses. And if you don’t see something today, subscribe to the RSS feed and in the coming weeks, you’ll probably see something you do need.