The Boozluge (as fun as it sounds)

BoozLuge country concertSome products require a fancy introduction to capture a reader’s attention and get them excited about the product being reviewed.  The Boozluge requires no such introduction.  Instead, three words sum up the product perfectly…

Liquor, ice, party!

In the opinion of this guy the Boozluge delivered BIG time.  I loved it.  My friends loved it.  I can’t wait to use it again!

What exactly is the Boozluge?  A quick summary is that it’s an awesome way to enjoy your favorite liquor with a very large ice cube!  For this guy that liquor was Vodka and that really big ice cube was filled with cranberry juice.

Even better is how easy the Boozluge is to get ready and use.  The hardest thing about the product might be spelling the name as one word or two!  Boozluge fun is just 6 very easy steps away:

  1. Fill the Boozluge (plastic mold) with your liquid of choice.  Your choice can be as simple as water, your favorite juice, or your favorite combination of juices.
  2. Place the Boozluge into your freezer for 24 hours / until the ice block is frozen solid.
  3. Remove the ice block from the Boozluge.
  4. Place the ice block in top of the Boozluge.
  5. Start pouring the shots.
  6. DRINK up!

The process is really as simple as it sounds.  I sampled the Boozluge last night when I had a few friends over to watch the Florida and Alabama game.  As the score of the game shows, the Boozluge was the best part of the evening.  My friends and I took turns taking shots based off of plays happening in the game (touchdowns, interceptions, field goals, etc..).  Thankfully for our livers we weren’t watching the Standford / Oregon Game!

The shots poured down perfectly through the “lanes” of the Boozluge and right into the person’s mouth.  The shots of vodka picked up the flavor of the cranberry ice.  And after a long evening, the Boozluge was easy to clean up when finished…place the ice block in the kitchen sink under hot water and gone!

As you can see the Boozluge was a hit with this fan (the free sample had no influence on this guy’s opinion).  To buy one check out our tailgating gear store for additional product details and photos. Oh yeah, also the Boozluge is 100% American made!

The BoozLuge is priced at $24.95 and can be purchased by clicking HERE.