King Luge – “No Mess” Dual-Track Ice Luge Mold

King Luge Booze luge Ice Mold Featured

Call it what you will: Booze Luge, Ice Luge, Martini Luge or Shooter-Block; Taking a liquor shot out of an ice sculpture while tailgating will take your tailgate party to the next level. You want to gather a crowd? A booze luge is the way to do it.

Years back, we discovered The Boozluge and it was quite popular. For some reason they stopped manufacturing it and we have received numerous emails from people asking when it was going to make a comeback. We can’t answer that question about the BoozLuge but the good news is that we have recently discovered the King Luge.

The King Luge is an Ice Luge that has vastly improved on all the other booze luges to precede it. Truly, they have built the proverbial “better mousetrap”. So what is so great about it? We will tell you but first take a look at the video we shot using the King Luge this weekend during the NFL Pro Bowl watch party at a friend’s house… (Technically it was in the garage but the garage is part of the house, right?)

YouTube video

Fun, right? Outside of the obvious, here is why the King Luge is better than any other ice luge mold we have come across.

    • Dual Track – The King Luge comes standard with two independent grooves enabling two people to take shots simultaneously.
    • Size Matters – The King Luge is 50% bigger than its competitors. When it comes to hosting an impressive tailgate party, bigger is better. Don’t bring that weak sauce cute little red booze luge to your tailgate and expect people to be impressed with your partying.
    • No Mess – The King Luge mold, when used as a stand to hold your frozen booze luge, collects the dripping water from the melting ice. Normally the ice melt would drip off onto your table, making a mess. The reservoir collects up to a gallon of water before needing to be emptied.
King Luge LED Light Kit
King Luge LED Light Kit
  • Light Show Kit – The King Luge has an optional LED lighting kit that resembles the size and shape of a hockey puck. Simply place the puck under the stand and turn it on and control it with a small remote control. 13 different colors are available and you can even control the color changes by fading, jumping and adjust the brightness up or down.
  • Easier Withdrawl – The King Luge is easily removed from the mold once frozen. Others we have tested you needed to let sit and allow some of the ice to melt in order for it to slide out. The King Luge allows you to take it out of the mold immediately after taking it out of the freezer.
  • Affordable & Convenient – Really big ice luges are typically made of a large block of ice you have to special order. You then have to carve the grooves and channels using either an ice pick or a chainsaw. Yeah, that doesn’t sound like a huge pain in the ass. (We speak fluent sarcasm if you are new here…) The King Luge can be used over and over again and once you pop it out, the tracks are perfectly formed and you can pour the shots immediately. Buy it one time and never need to special order an ice block again.

After thoroughly testing (and playing with) the King Luge, it is definitely “Tailgate Approved”. The affordable price coupled with the portability and the ease of having an ice luge at your tailgate party makes the King Luge the perfect tailgate accessory.

Priced with or without the LED lighting kit, the King Luge mold itself will run you less than $40. Add in the LED Light Puck and the combo price goes to $47.95. The LED light kit runs about $13 if you wanted an extra one for around the house or two to make your King Luge extra bright.

The King Luge is available from Amazon, Spring Break 24-7 and our online tailgating gear store,