A Bunch of Tailgating Randomness

Tailgate Party!Image by DrewOtt via Flickr

It could be that I am still recovering from a Friday night tailgate or more likely the beautiful summer weather has this fan too lazy to put together full paragraphs for this post.

Following the theme of laziness, let’s go with some random tailgating thoughts this Saturday, bullet point style:

– After writing the 12 Written Rules I thought my rule book was complete.  Turns out I forget the ultimate annoyance of a tailgate…the Woo Girls.  If you don’t know what a woo girl is check out this clip.  In short, it’s a bunch of girls who feel the need to scream and cheer for everything loudly and annoyingly.  Unlucky me was parked a few cars down from this group last night.  For two hours straight it was nothing but screaming and cheering at everything.  But since life tends to have a sense of humor two of the girls were puking before even heading into the stadium!

– One of the great hidden benefits of watching a game live at the stadium is not being forced to watch or listen to endless commercials about erectile dysfunction.  Avoiding these commercials is worth the price of admission alone.  And as a free bonus you also get to avoid all of those idiotic local car ads.

– A great simple, summer BBQ recipe: Go to the store and get peel and eat shrimp.  Get a large Ziplock bag.  Put the shrimp into the bag along with Old Bay seasoning and olive oil.  Shake the bag.  Stick the bag in your cooler.  When you arrive at the stadium place aluminium foil on the grill.  Place the shrimp on the grill for about 5 minutes.  Open up a Land Shark Beer.  Insert a lime wedge into the beer bottle.  Eat, drink, and be merry.

– One HUGE upside of a baseball tailgate over a a football tailgate is the urge not to rush.  It could be just me but I feel no regrets if I miss the start of a regular season baseball game to finish up a tailgate.  Miss the kick-off of a football…no doubt a felony in all 50 states.

– No matter what leftovers remain from the pre-game tailgate, the best part of the after game tailgate remains those faces of frustration on the faces of fans as they wait in traffic to exit the parking lot.  Relax people.  What’s the rush, wait an hour, and then go home.

– But if you are stuck in traffic a great suggestion to pass the time is to call the local sports talk radio station and share your thoughts on the day’s game.

– Not sure if every baseball team does it but fireworks at the ball park are a must for every baseball fan.  Last night’s Phillies game was Fireworks night.  What a truly perfect day my Friday was (well minus the woo girls)…a day off from work, a pre-game tailgate, a Phillies victory, fireworks in the stadium, a post game tailgate, and being on the radio.

– Does anyone else have a t-shirt drawer filled with nothing but shirts purchased in the parking lot?  This fan does…damn life is good!

Happy Weekend After the 4th!