A Beer and a Sheet of Paper

paper football up noseImage by prawnpie via Flickr

It was Friday night and to beat evening rush hour traffic we got down to the stadium a bit too early. In short we had too much free time, no “true” tailgating games, plenty of beer and food, and a sheet of paper.

Think way, way, way back to your school days.  Remember sitting in study hall, or at the lunch table, or maybe even sitting at your desk when there was a substitute teacher.

You reached for your three ring binder, ripped out a piece of paper, and then started your folding.  In less than a minute you were all set for a game of paper football.  First one to 42 wins…as long as no one first loses an eye on a botched FG attempt.

Oh to be a kid all over again.

Well Friday night my buddy and I were kids…drunk kids.  Two drunk guys playing paper football.  And since we are now out of school and of the legal drinking age the game of paper football became a lot more fun (from what we remember!).

We cleared off the table holding our grub and beers and started the folding.

Some of our rules (don’t hesitate to modify)

  • Football goes off the table, you drink.
  • Score a touchdown, your opponent drinks (amount of drinking depends on the score; 1st TD equals 7 seconds, 2nd TD equals 14 seconds, etc…).
  • Nail a FG that also happens to hit your opponent on the head, your opponent chugs an entire beer.
  • Hot lady walks by in your favorite players’ t-shirt jersey, you both drink (yeah, this is a random one)

True this may not sound like the best tailgating game…but we did draw a crowd to our game and actually got a mini- tournament going with some other tailgaters.

Sometimes you just gotta think outside the box for some extra tailgating fun.  And a piece of paper is a heck of a lot cheaper than some of the tailgating games currently on the market!