Tailgating Randomness

The close proximity of these Philadelphia sporting venues makes this Sunday a tailgaters dream
The close proximity of these Philadelphia sporting venues makes this Sunday a tailgater

I do not have kids.  My wife is not expecting anytime soon.  So I do not know how much one’s life changes when the little one arrives.  But one of my best buddies is expecting a very dramatic change (expecting twins in early November!).

To ensure one last hurrah, he and some friends are doing what I consider to be the ULTIMATE tailgate and gameday experience this weekend (well at least for a Philadelphia fan).

Tonight a group of them are going to Game # 3 of the World Series.  There will of course be tailgating.  After the game it’s over to the local Holiday Inn for some shut eye.

Parking lot gates open at 6am on Sunday for the Eagles / Giants game.  My buddy will be there.  There will of course be more tailgating.  After the football game it is back to the lot for some post game tailgating.  Or is it more pregame tailgating as he will then be going to Game # 4 of the World Series on Sunday night!

Two days, 3 huge games, and oh what a way to get one last taste of total freedom!  Since I still haven’t scratched the winning scratch-off lottery ticket yet I was only able to afford tickets to the Eagles game.  But it’s pretty damn sweet to still be part of one man’s ultimate gameday / tailgate experience!


– As an Eagles fan I am all for the Redskins’ on-the-field struggles.  But the franchise has crossed the line recently in banning fans from bringing signs into the stadium and then also banning media interviews with tailgating fans.

– My wife recently purchased herself a Snuggie.  OK product, but a brillant idea.  How long until the company starts manufacturing official team Snuggies?  Makes sense to this fan.  Fans who bring blankets to stadiums are just annoying the fans around them, limiting the amount of cheering the fan can do, and causing a beer drinking problem.  The Snuggie will allow you to still keep the cold one in your hand!

– I recently got a chance to take part in a city’s celebration of a NL Championship.  We already have “Girls Gone Wild” videos, but I am thinking “Championships Gone Wild” videos will provide a viewer with better material.  ALL inhibitions are lost when you combine winning and alcohol.

– Looking for a great birthday or holiday gift for your favorite tailgater?  May I suggest the “Beer of the Month Club”?  I recently got a subscription from my wife.  A nice little way to change up the usual drinking on Sundays.