Special Section For Beer Pong Created

Playing games while tailgating is almost as big as grilling and eating. Most would agree that the game of beer pong has grown in popularity to the point that it currently ranks second behind cornhole as the most popular tailgating game in the lots. Because we have been tracking this trend over the years we thought it was about time to give beer pong its own section.

hot babe with beer pong raft

We have created a special section devoted to just beer pong where you can buy beer pong tables, beer pong rafts, customized beer pong balls, specialty beer pong cups and of course hard top beer pong tables as well. So now if you are looking to buy or just get some more information on tailgating games, check out the Buy Tailgating Games page. If it is beer pong you desire, then the Buy Beer Pong page is for you. We still have the Buy Tailgating Gear section where you will find information on tailgating grills, portable satellite systems, tailgating sunshades, etc.

No matter what your game, we hope these two sections make it easier to find what you are looking for.