The Cleaniest – Spray Nine

I’ll admit it, I become like a little kid at Christmas as kick-off approaches.  Such excitement is usually a good thing, especially after a long week at the office and at the house.  Well the excitement is good, except for when it comes to closing down the pre-game tailgate.

There may be tailgaters out there who follow a strict schedule while tailgating.  Arrive in the lot at a certain time, set-up at a certain time, light the grill at a certain time, and clean up at a certain time.  For you regimented folks I say good for you.

For the rest of us , including myself, I say schedules are for Monday – Friday (or even the to-do list at home on Saturday).  Sundays in the lot are for enjoying the tailgate to the last possible minute.  One last mouthful of food and one more beer to enjoy.  As long as I am in my seat for kick-off I call it a successful tailgate clean-up.

The negative of rushing to clean up is a not-so-clean grill for the next BBQ, followed by a lot of bitching and moaning while you scrub and clean the grill the following weekend.  Well not anymore…

It’s certainly not a new discovery since the product has been around a while, but the Spray Nine BBQ Grill Cleaner is one kick-ass cleaning product (watch out Mr. Clean!).  I discovered the product about a month or so ago at my local Home Depot.  A quick search of the Internet shows that that Spray can even be ordered online (for those of you that are already glued to your couch this Sunday morning).

As advertised the Spray Nine cuts right through the grease that has settled on your grill grate from the last tailgate (or for the real lazy, the last several tailgates).  And the Spray even kills  “Salmonella and Ecoli in just 45 seconds.”  It’s a win, win, win product.  The third win is that the Spray can be purchased for under 5 bucks!  Less manual labor with scrubbing and more time for another beer!


During last weekend’s Eagles tailgate I witnessed the violation of all tailgating violations.  A female tailgater taking a squat, with only a one girlfriend cover, peeing along the back section of parking lot.  Sorry ladies, I am all for equal opportunity, but a guy may be able to get away with wizzing in the corner of the parking lot, but females absolutely not!  Hit the Porta Potty or close down the tailgate early and head inside to the stadium!

Randomness 2:

Best post-game tailgate of my life on Wednesday night of this past week.  It wasn’t the food, it wasn’t the drinks, it wasn’t my fellow tailgaters.  It was basking in the glory of being part of baseball history and witnessing the only 2nd No-Hitter in MLB Post Season History.  Loving Doctober!