Fantasy & Pick ‘Em Results: NFL Week #9

New Englands Patriots cheerleaders Briana Lee,...Mmmmm, Cheerleaders!
Just like Barack Obama did tonight, had a good weekend. Both he and I finished with dominating wins. (For the record I did not vote for neither Obama nor did I vote for McCain, but I did vote.)

Okay, so winning the Cuzoogle Pigskin Pick ’em pool for Week #9 is just slightly less important than being elected the next President, I can still be excited, right? After only missing on two games this past weekend, I went 12-2 and didn’t even need the tie breaker. Also, this is the second week I have been the top dog for the week. The last time I was the weekly winner was back in week #5. And the news keeps on getting better. Not only is my ad going to be seen on Cuzoogle for the next seven days, but I also took over first place in the overall standings. Albeit it is only a 2 game difference but still leading none the less. Maybe I should move to Vegas after it is all said and done. Here are the standings for the past week.

1. Tailgating Ideas 12-2
2. GrandmasterB 11-3
3. Buzz Pirates 11-3
4. Yep Yep 11-3
5. Juiced Sports 11-3
6. Women Like Sports 10-4
7. Waiting for Next Year 10-4
8. Cover2 10-4
9. NESW Sports 10-4
10. Chocolate Dog Blog 9-5
11. The Blue Workhorse 9-5
12. Zoner Sports 9-5
13. Machochip 9-5
14. The Sports Dollar 9-5
15. Don Chavez 9-5
16. Mac Gs World 8-6
17. Brahsome 8-6
18. The Sports Lounge 8-6
19. Sports Opinion 8-6
20. NE Patriots Draft 7-7
21. My Sports Rumors 7-7
22. Inside Plays 5-9
23. Busted Coverage 5-9

As for the fantasy league over at NFLJuice, I was able to pull a win over Awful Announcing in the 2008 Blogger Classic. It brings my overall record to 4-5 and it is still not that impressive but getting better. Next week is The Big Lead who is 5-4 and it is not an insurmountable task to beat those guys. Looks like they have some bye week issues with their roster so this one might be easier than other games in the past.

Sorry, no visual on the standings this week. I guess the guys over at NFLJuice are too hopped up election coverage to get off their tushies and do a quick screen capture. Freaking slackers.