Fantasy & Pick ‘Em Results: NFL Week #8

Whoops. So I missed my update last week for Week #7. You didn’t miss much. I still kept up in the top of the standings in the Pick ‘Em contest but didn’t win the week. I also lost in the NFL Juice fantasy league in Week #7 too. Week #8 was almost Deja Vu seeing how I had a strong record in the Cuzoogle’s Pigskin Picks Contest but came up short in my effort to win the week. That honor goes to Brahsome who went 11-3 and won the week on a tie breaker. We went 10-4 along with a number of other blogs. The good news is that I gained a little ground in the overall season standings just one game behind Chocolate Dog Blog for first place. This week I make my move, I can feel it. Here are the results of the Week 8 pick ’ems.

1. Brahsome 11-3 * Tiebreak winner
2. Mac Gs World 11-3
3. GrandmasterB 10-4
4. Buzz Pirates 10-4
5. The Sports Dollar 10-4
6. Machochip 10-4
7. My Sports Rumors 10-4
8. Sports Opinion 10-4
9. Tailgating Ideas 10-4
10. The Chocolate Dog Blog 9-5
11. Inside Plays 9-5
12. Cover2 9-5
13. NESW Sports 9-5
14. Juiced Sports 9-5
15. NE Patriots Draft 9-5
16. Don Chavez 9-5
17. The Sports Lounge 9-5
18. Zoner Sports 9-5
19. Waiting For Next Year 8-6
20. Women Like Sports 8-6
21. Yep Yep 8-6
22. The Blue Workhorse 7-7
23. Busted Coverage 4-10

Things are moving in a downward spiral for me in the NFL Juice Fantasy Football League. Lost again this past week, this time to CC47, the blog that Washington Redskins Tight End Chris Cooley and his brother run. 3-5 on the season at the halfway mark. Woof! Hey, at least I have something else in common with my favorite NFL team, the San Diego Chargers.