Fantasy & Pick ‘Em Results: NFL Week #10

What a difference a week makes. I went from being on top of the Cuzoogle Pick ‘Em contest last week to posting a pathetic 7-7 and being almost on the bottom. Adding insult to injury I am not longer leading the overall standings either. I have been unseated by Chocolate Dog Blog once again. It isn’t all bad news. Despite my poor showing this week, I am only trailing by two games in the overall standings so all is not lost. Congrats go out to Zoner Sports for winning the week even it was via the tie breaker. Here are the standings from this past week.

1. Zoner Sports 12-2 * tiebreaker win
2. My Sports Rumors 12-2
3. The Sports Dollar 12-2
4. The Blue Workhorse 12-2
5. NESW Sports 12-2
6. Brahsome 12-2
7. Don Chavez 12-2
8. Machochip 12-2
9. Buzz Pirates 11-3
10. The Sports Lounge 11-3
11. NE Patriots Draft 11-3
12. Juiced Sports 11-3
13. GrandmasterB 11-3
14. Chocolate Dog Blog 11-3
15. Yep Yep 10-4
16. Waiting For Next Year 10-4
17. Mac Gs World 10-4
18. Sports Opinion 8-6
19. Cover 2 8-6
20. Tailgating Ideas 7-7
21. Inside Plays 7-7
22. Women Like Sports 5-9
23. Busted Coverage 3-11

In better news, I rolled up another win in the NFL Juice Blogger Classic Fantasy Football League. A win over The Big Lead helps bring my team to the .500 mark for the first time in a long time. This week I take on the hosts of the league, and they are in a three-way tie for first place. Should be an uphill battle for sure.