Fantasy & Pick ‘Em Results: Week #1

With week #1 of the NFL season in the books here is a quick status update on how Tailgating Ideas is doing in Cuzoogle’s Pigskin Picks Contest and NFLJuice’s Fantasy Football League. We did much better in picking the Week 1 games than we did in fantasy football but then again, thanks to Yahoo! Auto-Draft, I have a built in excuse. First the good news:

Although I did not come in first, I am middle of the pack picking 10 of 16 games correctly. I missed on Oakland, the Redskins, Jacksonville, Chargers, Colts and Vikings. Not too bad for the first week of the season when all the teams are shaken up with new players via the draft and free agency. I’ll try to post my picks for this weekend’s game by the end of the week so you can keep track with me. Here is the list of the standings after the first week.

1. Zoner Sports 13-3
2. The Sports Dollar 11-5
3. Don Chavez 11-5
3. NESW Sports 11-5
5. Inside Plays 11-5
6. The Chocolate Dog Blog 11-5
7. The Blue Workhorse 11-5
8. Juiced Sports 10-6
9. Machochip 10-6
10. Tailgating Ideas 10-6
11. My Sports Rumors 10-6
12. Buzz Pirates 10-6
13. Brahsome 10-6
14. Busted Coverage 10-6
15. Sports Opinion 9-7
16. The Sports Lounge 9-7
17. Mac Gs World 9-7
18. NE Patriots Draft 8-8
19. Yep Yep 8-8
20. Waiting for Next Year 8-8
21. GrandmasterB 8-8
22. CoverTwo 6-10
23. Women Like Sports 5-11

Now for the bad news. In the NFL Juice fantasy football league I got stomped like a narc at a biker rally. The Big Lead lived up to their name and put on a beating of epic proportions. See below:

Here’s hope we do better next week in both competitions.