Fantasy & Pick ‘Em Results: NFL Week #4

It’s weeks like last week that make want to quit my job, move to Las Vegas and become a professional sports gambler. On the other hand, it’s weeks like this week that make me thankful I also have a voice of reason in my head. finished tied for last with a dismal 6-7 showing this week in Cuzoogle’s Pigskin Picks Contest. Had we submitted no picks at all we could have fared better. The rules state that if you fail to submit your picks on time you are automatically given all the underdogs for that week. There were so many upsets this past weekend that that might have been the way to go.

The good news is that even though we tanked it pretty hard this week we are still in the hunt for the overall championship, currently tied for seventh place. Here are the results of this week’s pick’ em and congrats goes out to Mac Gs World for taking the week.

1. Mac Gs World 10-3 (tiebreak win)
2. Juiced Sports 10-3
3. The Sports Lounge 9-4
4. The Sports Dollar 9-4
5. Zoner Sports 9-4
6. MachoChip 9-4
7. My Sports Rumors 8-5
8. The Blue Workhorse 8-5
9. Busted Coverage 8-5
10. Cover2 8-5
11. Waiting for Next Year 8-5
12. NESW Sports 8-5
13. GrandmasterB 8-5
14. Brahsome 7-6
15. Don Chavez 7-6
16. Yep Yep 7-6
17. Buzz Pirates 7-6
18. NE Patriots Draft 7-6
19. Sports Opinion 7-6
20. Chocolate Dog Blog 6-7
21. Women like Sports 6-7
22. Tail Gating Ideas 6-7
23. Inside Plays 6-7

Last week I predicted that Busted Coverage is going down in the NFLJuice Fantasy Football League. That prediction proved to be correct but only because the guys over at BC failed to swap out their starters. Had they paid attention to the bye weeks and switched out two players currently taking the weekend off I would have gotten crushed. Yes, Brett Favre’s record setting day with six touchdowns was wasted because he was benched him and kept Matt Hasselbeck active. Tisk Tisk. It was not the way I wanted to win the week but a then again, there are not pretty losses and there are no ugly wins when it comes to fantasy football.

Here are the results of this past week.