Vote To Preserve Tailgating On Super Tuesday

super_tuesday_2008.jpgThe election polls on the Eastern Seaboard are just hours away from opening for the Super Tuesday 2008 primaries. With so much at stake, we as tailgaters should consider the issues we are facing before casting our vote. Of course none of the remaining candidates, whether they be Republican, Democrat or the other other parties, have gone on record regarding their stance of tailgating. Because no one has come out publicly and stated their platform in regards to the future of tailgating it is up to you to decide which candidate is most supportive of our favorite form of entertainment. It may be hard to determine whom is a tailgating supporter but judge them on their stance on other issues. By combining their views on other social issues you will be able to gather a sense of where they would stand in regards to preserving the tailgating lifestyle.

Instead of hearing rhetoric about foreign aid or tax reform, for once I would like to hear political candidates campaign on issues of reducing parking fees before games or getting stadium parking lots to open their gates earlier. Rather than pontificating about Iraq, wouldn’t it be nice to see a Presidential candidate dive into “a rack” of ribs while tailgating? Instead of being “right wing” or “left wing” why not be concerned with Buffalo chicken wings for a change?

In all seriousness, whether your state is a Super Tuesday state or not, please do not take your civic duty to vote lightly. If you enjoy tailgating and would like to do more of it in the future, make your voice heard. Vote your conscience and not just for the candidate you have heard will probably win. It is not “throwing away your vote” if you vote with your heart and vote for the principles you believe in. No matter what your party affiliation, make sure to vote for the candidate you believe will preserve the tailgating lifestyle.