Fantasy & Pick ‘Em Results: NFL Week #2

Week #2 was much better than Week #1 that’s for damn sure. In Cuzoogle’s Pigskin Picks Contes, was one of the final four that had a chance to win the week. Unfortunately I picked the Eagles to win (although they did cover the Vegas spread so that counts doesn’t it?) and went 10-5 for the week. Congrats go out to My Sports Rumors for picking not only the Cowboys but for also getting the tie breaker over Waiting For Next Year. I ended tied for third for the week and that helped me move up two spots in the overall standings from 10th to tied for 4th with six other bloggers. Here are the standings for the season to date after just two weeks.

1. Zoner Sports 22-9
2. My Sports Rumors 21-10
3. Inside Plays 21-10
4. The Chocolate Dog Blog 20-11
5. The Sports Dollar 20-11
6. The Blue Workhorse 20-11
7. Machochip 20-11
8. Tailgating Ideas 20-11
9. Buzz Pirates 20-11
10. Don Chavez 19-12
11. Waiting for Next Year 19-12
12. The Sports Lounge 18-13
13. NESW Sports 18-13
14. Juiced Sports 17-14
15. Busted Coverage 17-14
16. Sports Opinion 17-14
17. Yep Yep 17-14
18. NE Patriots Draft 16-15
19. GrandmasterB 16-15
20. CoverTwo 16-15
21. Mac Gs World 15-16
22. Women Like Sports 14-17
23. Brahsome 14-17

In the NFLJuice’s Fantasy Football League I can say I did not treat the hosting website with too much courtesy by beating NFL Juice 93.50 to their 81.64. Not bad for a team that Yahoo totally screwed over by auto picking six quarterbacks. Maybe not as badly screwed over like the Chargers got screwed by Ed Hochuli, but then again I am not dwelling on that horrific call. Really, I’m not. Below you can see the results from week #2. In week #3 takes on Deadspin. Next week will be another update.