Fantasy & Pick ‘Em Results: NFL Week #3

Week #3 was back to the same old, same old for predictions and the fantasy football league. In Cuzoogle’s Pigskin Picks Contest, finished tied for fifth for the week, going 12-4. Unfortunately that showing was topped by a dog. Yes, a chocolate lab named Bosco from Chocolate Dog Blog went 15-1 and only missed on the Detroit Lions game. So I guess I should consult my two dogs here at home before placing any bets in Vegas next time? Embarrassing. Here are the standings for the season to date after week No. 3.

1. Chocolate Dog Blog 35-12
2. Zoner Sports 34-13
3. Buzz Pirates 33-14
4. Tailgating Ideas 32-15
5. Inside Plays 31-16
6. My Sports Rumors 31-16
7. Waiting for Next Year 31-16
8. The Sports Dollar 31-16
9. The Blue Workhorse 30-17
10. Don Chavez 30-17
11. NE Patriots Draft 29-18
12. Busted Coverage 29-18
13. Women Like Sports 28-19
14. Brahsome 28-19
15. GrandmasterB 28-19
16. Juiced Sports 28-19
17. Sports Opinion 28-19
18. The Sports Lounge 28-19
19. NESW Sports 27-20
20. Mac Gs World 25-22
21. Cover2 25-22
22. Yep Yep 25-22
23. MachoChip 23-24

In NFLJuice’s Fantasy Football League I came back to earth and promptly lost to the guys at Deadspin. Gee, like their blog does not get a ton of traffic and is immensely popular as it is. They couldn’t tank it this week and throw little old me, the tailgating guy a bone? Guess not. Oh well. There is always this weekend and Busted Coverage is going down. And I am not talking about going down like their entire site went down today due to a misunderstanding. Here is how it all shook out in week three.