Keep It For Beer Money

TicketsImage by yum9me via Flickr

Maybe luck is on your side.  Unfortunately for too many of us lady luck always ends up screwing us hard in the end.

Hey, I am right with you in believing that betting on the game adds some excitement to the game.  Your money riding on the games’ outcome gets the competitive juices flowing.  You feel like a part of the team.  But when the team tanks and your money is gone, tempers tend to rise and a good morning / afternoon instantly goes bad.

So if you are down in the tailgating lot, just enjoy the atmosphere.  Enjoy the food, the games and the company.  Don’t occupy your time with constant checking of the Blackberry to find out the score and if the point spread is being covered.

We tailgaters see it all the time.  Fans become more obsessed with their bets than enjoying the tailgate or the game they are attending.  If you can’t check scores yourself, you are asking others for constant updates (in turn ruining their tailgating experience).

I’ve said it so many times already on this site…life already has too many damn everyday stresses.  When you are able to escape down to the lot, enjoy the lot.  Later enjoy cheering for the home team.  Let the bad call by the coach, a costly pick by the QB, or a defense lapse get you riled.  Poor game play by the home team will at least allow you to play Monday morning QB the next day instead of actually working.

Maybe you’ll win big on a bet.  But too often Sundays are ruined when big money is lost on a game.  A chance to pig out, drink up, and cheer your ass off is ruined.  A relaxing Sunday instead just becomes like a crappy Monday – Friday.

So save the money.  Splurge instead on better beer, a better grade of meat, or maybe even the authentic jersey.   The long-shot is a long-shot for a reason…don’t be a sucker!

1pm Kick-Off Recipes:

Here are two of my favorite breakfast recipes for the 1pm kick-off tailgate.  Get down to the lot between 8-9.  Start with some breakfast food, maybe some Baileys or Southern Comfort in the coffee, digest, then break out the beers, then the meats!

Enjoy Kick-Off Sunday…

Jack Daniel’s Breakfast Butter: Great with pancakes or french toast!

Sausage Coated Deep Fried Eggs: So fat, but so very good!