Super (expensive) Parking

I am sure somewhere out there, there is an an official rule book for tailgating.  If not a tailgating rule book at least a “Tailgating for Dummies” book.  If you checked one of those books I am sure obvious rule or lesson number one of tailgating would be that tailgating takes place in a parking lot (or some form of parking establishment).

To park in the parking lot you have to pay a fee.  In some cases the parking fee may be more than you paid for the tickets to get inside the stadium.  In all cases I am sure you think that any parking fee is too high.  But next time you get all bent out of shape as you hand the parking attendant multiple $20 bills, please continue reading and think back to this post.

Yes I am jealous of Steelers and Packers fans this week.  Your team is still playing while my favorite NFL team is sitting at home (for multiple weeks now). If you were able to score tickets to the big game tomorrow you are even luckier.  But when it comes to parking at the Super Bowl, well be prepared to be screwed.

I came across an article this morning on the Internet that details how a Super Bowl parking spot near Cowboys stadium sold for $1099.  And no, this is not a typo!  Over a thousand dollars to just park your freaking car.  Yes, this is most likely the extreme of the parking fees, but not by much.

A quick search on shows that the current average parking fee is over $100!  For that price you fans better be tailgating as long as long as the stupid, television pregame shows are going on tomorrow!

So sure it would be really nice to have your favorite team playing tomorrow.  Even nicer if you were down in Dallas cheering them on.  It would be pure heaven to witness the team’s Super Bowl Victory live.  But when you add the price of parking into the already ridiculously high ticket prices you have a pretty sweet deal tomorrow just watching the game from your comfy couch.

Just think of all the beer, snacks, wings, pizza, and steak you could buy with a few thousand dollars.  At my local store bags of Doritos are now selling four bags for eight dollars.  For $1099 you could be in Doritos utopia with 550 bags of chips!!