How Could She Not Say “Yes”

The tailgating off-season has finally ended for this fan.  Last night I went to my first game and tailgate of the baseball season.

Even with the off and on again rain showers I had myself a great time.  But my great time was definitely outdone by the couple sitting a few rows behind me at the ballpark.  Yep, that lovely couple did the old Jumbo Tron engagement.  Down on one knee, a ring, and even some colorful confetti.  And most importantly the girl said “yes.”

As the little things in and around the stadium often make me do, this fan got to thinking.  I am thinking screw the Jumbo Tron, instead do the proposal in the parking lot during the tailgate.  Such a smarter idea…

  1. If the girl says “no” your ride is right there for a quick escape.  No better comeback to a “no” than stranding the was-to-be future Mrs. in the parking lot.
  2. If the girl says “no” there are plenty of liquids and condiments to douse her with.  Let’s see her get herself a better man covered in mustard and beer.
  3. To celebrate the “yes” it is T-Shirts from the T-Shirt guy for all your fellow tailgaters.  When it comes time to get gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen, well you don’t have to.  Just remind them of the $5 shirts they were given at the engagement!
  4. To celebrate the “yes” you can do a victory lap around the parking lot.  Just think of all the free beers that you will get from fellow tailgaters either because they are happy for you or because they feel bad that you too are taking the marriage plunge.
  5. Men are lazy.  Making phone calls and arrangements for a Jumbo Tron proposal takes a lot of time and energy.  A tailgate proposal becomes just another item on the tailgate menu.  Just make sure you aren’t getting the ring at the same place you are getting your grill or chips.  No Wal-Mart rings!
  6. If the proposal is during the summer months of baseball, the future Mrs. will never look as sexy.  A jersey T-Shirt, short shorts showing never ending tanned legs, a cold beer in her hand…how could you not want to pop the question?!?
  7. If you propose during the pre-game tailgate, well now you have one more reason to stay for a post-game tailgate.
  8. With a large tailgate menu, just think of all the places you can hide the engagement ring.  Nothing like an engagement ring covered in barbeque sauce or Cheeze Whiz!
  9. Friends are already there.  The food is already paid for.  That money you saved by not going to some fancy dancy restaurant can go right into the ticket fund!
  10. On the way home, the lot will be filled with plenty of empty beer cans to string to your car in celebration!

Yes, nothing is more romantic than a parking lot, tailgate proposal!