Football is Back!

Emergency Response Tailgate UnitImage by Earl – What I Saw 2.0 via Flickr

The countdown for this fan is now just 1 day.

Anyone else getting jacked up for the return of football?  Sure Thursday night is only the preseason opener, but for most fans it’s our first chance to see the 2009-’10 home team live and hitting.  And of course it’s also our first chance for some NFL tailgating.

Sure baseball tailgates have their moments, but football tailgates will always remain superior.

What are you looking forward to most this NFL tailgate season?  Below are my top ten things that I have been missing and can’t wait to see and experience again this NFL season….

  1. Bye, bye t-shirt jerseys that fill up a baseball parking lot.  Hello real, authentic NFL jerseys.  T-shirts just don’t cut it at a football tailgate.
  2. Time to bring out the TVs.  Just because you are going to the game doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice pregame shows or 1pm kick-offs.
  3. Even a government rebate of $4,500 can’t entice you to trade in that gas guzzling bus or van.  The return of football means the return of buses, vans, and RVs painted in the home team colors.
  4. Pre-game tailgating begins the minute the parking lot gates open.  There is no such thing as too much pre-gaming.
  5. A 2 or 3 peson tailgate is nice for an afternoon baseball game.  But true tailgating happiness means group tailgates.
  6. Parlay betting.  Sure we love t he home team, but it’s nice to have more than a rooting interest in the day’s other games.
  7. The weekend “to-do” list from the spouse becomes limited to one day.  Sunday is for football.  There is no debating this point.
  8. Unlike other sports the NFL is filled with parity.  Each fan can begin the NFL season with thoughts that this may be THE year for the home team (well maybe not Detroit).
  9. Why stop tailgating after the game is over.  Football games mean pre and post game tailgates.  Break out the TV, relight the grill, and enjoy.  Remember that “to-do” list was for Saturday only.
  10. You can actually begin looking forward to Monday mornings.  Instead of dreading work assignments, spend the mornings discussing the games (Monday morning QBing), Sunday tailgates, injury reports, and next week’s opponent.