What Money Problems?

They were sitting there when you first pulled into the lot. They were still sitting there when you entered the stadium. And… they were still sitting there when you exited the stadium.

Um, hello? Did someone have one too many at the tailgate and forget about the game?!? Why drive all the way down to the stadium only to never step inside the stadium?

Now I get it…if only Bush and Obama were this smart with a budget!

The economy continues to crumble (and crumble and crumble, and…you get the point). Affording tickets to go watch your favorite team is becoming further and further outside your budget. At the same time watching the game from the comforts of your couch is becoming more annoyance than comfort.

Screw it…gather up some friends and make the trip down to the ballpark or stadium anyway. Between 5 friends I am sure you can afford the $10 – $20 to park your car in the lot (or $30 for an NFL primetime game…how is that fair?).

Time to tailgate and tailgate some more.

Time to break out the satellite dish (or even the old fashioned AM radio). Break out the grill, pop open the beers, light the cigars, and play the games. Enjoy the sporting atmosphere with a few thousand friends without dishing out ridiculous sums of money for a ticket.

Recession, what recession?!? Just tailgate baby! No money on tickets, no money on stadium food, no having to sit next to the smelly, fat guy. Just enjoy your favorite team the economical way… tailgating!