Give Up a Tailgate?

Chien-Ming Wang and Joe GirardiImage by Keith Allison via Flickr

I pose to you readers the following question…

What would make you WANT to miss a tailgate?  Or more specifically what would have you down at the stadium 3 hours before first pitch and not tailgating?

Well the New York Yankees are putting your tailgating loyalty to the ultimate test.  Prior to yesterday’s game fans that entered the stadium when the gates opened (3 hours before game time) were greeted by the General Manager, Manager, and a top relief pitcher.  [Reports are that this ritual will occur once every three game home series, with the team representatives alternating.]

The 3 Yankees were at the gates to welcome fans, hand out the promotional gift, and sign autographs.  Not a bad freebie to go along with the price of a ticket.  Reports are that the 3 stayed for about 30 minutes before heading back to carry out pregame activities.

If you were outside enjoying a some beers and burgers you missed them.

So I ask again, if your favorite local team followed suit and had players and/or coaches greeting you at the gate would you skip your tailgate feast?

This fan would say YES to skipping a baseball tailgate and NO to missing a football tailgate.  With 81 home games a season missing a few pregame tailgates might actually do the beer gut some good.

With only 8 home games a season football tailgates are just too damn sacred to skip even one.  There is just too much fun in the lot during football season to be enticed by a handshake or an autograph.

Hell, as an Eagles fan Andy Reid himself would probably prefer being out with the tailgaters devouring some wings, ribs, and burgers instead of signing an autograph!