Please Get A Room

Public display of affectionImage by byte via Flickr

Cue the grumpy old man images.

Maybe I am a bit too old school even though I am really not that old.  I view going to a game as a time for some male bonding, sharing good food and drinks while cheering on the home team with good friends or with dad.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t invite the wife, the girlfriend, or a friend who just happens to be female.  Honestly, there can never be enough eye candy to make a perfect day even more perfect.

But what shouldn’t be going on at the ballgame (or at least in my opinion) is making out, cuddling, or even arguing with your significant other.  Unfortunately such things have become an all to frequent occurrence at the stadium.

Usually I can overlook a guy being more interested in his woman than the game.  Hey, good for you for getting some.  And if you are married, can a guy really turn down an over affectionate wife even if the place isn’t quite ideal?!?

But this Friday it became a bit too much for this fan.  Sitting in front of me was a young couple who had their hands all over each other for the games’ first 5 innings.  Thankfully they disappeared after the 5th inning.  Sadly it was in the 4th inning that the kissing started.

During a beer run I saw several couples in the concourse corners where the guy was getting reamed out by his girl and then with a “puppy dog” face trying to beg for forgiveness.  Come on guys, the stadium is the one place that we should be able to escape this kind of drama.

Again just my opinion…save the mush for after the game.  Impress the woman in your life by dominating the pregame beer pong tournament, with your barbecuing skills, or by scoring some field level tickets.

Most 7:05 games are usually over by 10pm which leaves you with plenty of time for some alone time at home!