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Costco Connection October 2012 The October 2012 edition of the Costco Connection magazine recently published an article about tailgating and the tailgate party lifestyle. Our very own Dave Lamm was quoted in the article multiple times and our tailgating blog was mentioned once or twice. With that being said, we would like to welcome any new readers to Tailgatingideas.com and introduce ourselves to you who are visiting for the first time and offer a brief introduction into what we do here.

Right off the bat, in 2007 Tailgatingideas.com was started in reaction to a lack of lifestyle blogs dealing with the tailgate party lifestyle. Evolving into what it is today, TailgatingIdeas.com does extensive product reviews, provides tailgating recipe ideas, humor pieces, tailgating cartoons and commentary on what is going on in the tailgating industry and community and how recent events affect everyday tailgaters in the parking lots. In addition to all that we also opened a tailgating gear store that offers the most unique tailgating products that are all designed specifically for tailgating and personally tested by our staff here.

Since you are new here, make sure to check out any number of our most popular sections. We are sure you will find something you like.

beer_belt_babe.jpgTailgating Gear Reviews

  • Carry six beers around your waist and keep them cold at the same time with the Beer Belt
  • Get your favorite team’s logo on a customized BBQ grill grate.
  • Sneak in 750 ml of liquor into the stadium using the Freedom Flask
  • Feeling even more sneaky? Bring in six mini-liquor bottles strapped to your ankle with the Bootlegger.
  • Love going to games and concerts but can never get the good seats for cheap? Try our how to guide on Hacking Ticketmaster.
  • Have you ever seen a Kegerator that fits into your tow hitch?
  • Don’t bring your blender to the parking lot when you can make margaritas using your cordless drill.
  • For more tailgating ideas, check out our special section of cool tailgating gear.

Tailgating Games

  • Pub Washers – A Different Way to Play Washers While Tailgating
  • What do you get when you combine shuffleboard with golf? Sholf, of course.
  • Put a New Bounce On The Old Washer Toss Games with Washeroos
  • You never have to stop playing cornhole because it got dark when you have the Cornhole Lantern

2-girls-playing-1-medium-qty.jpgBeer Pong

  • Looking for a new beer pong table or beer pong accessories? Visit our special section that is all about the tailgating game beer pong.
  • Take beer pong vertical and integrate elements of basketball with BasketPong
  • Ever seen an inflatable beer pong raft?
  • Football Field themed beer pong tables
  • The N-Ice Rack Keeps Beer Pong Cups Cold When You’re On Fire
  • Play beer pong in a pool with the Pool Pong Rack

Funny Stuff

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