Need Tailgaters To Sound Off For Tailgater Monthly Article

rules I need your help. I am looking for tailgaters to weigh in and sound off regarding the changing landscape and rule revisions the lifestyle of tailgating has experienced the last few years.

The Chicago Bears have banned tailgating after the game kicks off and have been removing tailgating fans from the parking lots that do not have a ticket. Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ reduced tailgating times the parking lot gates were open from seven hours in 2007 to five hours in 2008. The Arizona Cardinals have banned post-game tailgating and have placed a number of other restrictions on it’s own tailgaters. And those are just a few examples of the restrictions a few NFL teams have placed on tailgaters. I haven’t even touched on the restrictions some NCAA member schools have placed on their own tailgating fans.

For an article that will appear in the December issue of Tailgater Monthly, I will be detailing the rules and restrictions facing football tailgaters and if they have been effective in curbing the bad behavior in which these rules are hoping to reduce. I would like to talk to tailgaters (college and pro football tailgaters) who have been forced to change the way they tailgate in order to comply with these rules, their opinions on these rules and if they believe the rules are fair or outrageous.

If you would like to be interviewed and have your comments potentially included in the upcoming article, please email me at: dave [at] tailgatingideas dot com.