The Bootlegger

The Bootlegger Booze leg Sleeve Over the years since starting this tailgating blog, we have come across new and innovative ways to engage in stealth drinking. Whether it be the Booze Belly, Disposable Flasks, the Body Bottle or even the Wine Rack, we have discovered a way to sneak in a little extra booze past the security checkpoints.

Security pat-downs are getting a bit more and more extensive and hiding a flask in your back pocket these days is just not cutting it. Normally those day security guards in the yellow windbreakers aren’t going to pay down your legs all the way down to your ankles. so this is a perfect place to bring in a few extras. Also, some people prefer to smuggle in a few mini-bottle of liquor like the ones you get on an airplane. A flask you can only bring in one type of liquor but with minis, you can mix and match. Minis normally come in plastic bottles but they aren’t always the most easy to conceal. That was until I was sent a sample of The Bootlegger. Check out the photos and click each one for a larger view.

As you can see in the photos, The Bootlegger is a stretchable sleeve that slips over your foot and resides around your ankle. The outside pockets hold a maximum of six (6) mini-bottles and are made of what I would describe as a thicker pantyhose material.

Using the Bootlegger is simple. Just slip the sleeve over your ankle first and then add in your mini bottles. Just for testing purposes, I tried adding the bottles first and then putting it on over my foot and it was very difficult. It was difficult getting the bottles in the pockets and then onto my ankle. Trying it the correct way was a piece of cake. The sleeve slipped on just fine and getting the bottles in the pockets was a breeze.

I was sent two sample Bootleggers, one for each ankle I guess? I decided to let my wife’s uncle John try one out. He is an avid cigar smoker and instead of inserting mini bottles, he chose to use the Bootlegger to hold his wrapped cigars. Rather than carry them around in his pockets and potentially crush them or break them when he sat down, they remained safe in the Bootlegger.

A few notes to consider: The sample that I was sent fit snugly on my ankle but was not uncomfortable at all. The manufacturer informed me that the latest version of the Bootlegger have been loosened up a bit by about a half inch. So those with bigger ankles, the Bootlegger will not feel so tight. Those with slimmer ankles, not to worry, the Bootlegger will not slip off your leg. Also, this goes without saying but obviously for the Bootlegger to work effectively, you need to use it in conjunction with wearing long pants. If you choose to wear shorts while using the Bootlegger, you deserve to have your booze confiscated as an “idiot tax”.

The Bootlegger will run you less than $10 and if you choose to buy two, one for each ankle, you’ll save an extra dollar on the second one. To learn more about the Bootlegger or to buy one, visit their website